You know that feeling you get when a game is throwing repetitive sequence after repetitive sequence at you in an attempt to pad out the game time? Instead of increasing the time you spend enjoying the game, you find yourself disliking the filler and simply wanting to move forward.

It’s good, then, that 10 Second Ninja lives up to its name.

There’s no time to waste.

10 Second Ninja Review 1 1024x576 10 Second Ninja Review: Gotta Go Fast

Literally Hitler.

10 Second Ninja is a simple game with simple concepts. One button/key slashes your sword, another throws a shuriken, and another makes you jump. How you combine your movement with your attacks determines whether or not you can get through the game’s various bite-sized stages, and even when you do, nothing less than perfection will get you All The Stars.

10 Second Ninja’s control scheme has some downsides – mainly, on mouse and keyboard, you can’t bind anything to the mouse buttons, and with a controller, you can’t rebind controls to different buttons.

While some platformers work fine on mouse and keyboard, this definitely is not one of them. The game has native support for an Xbox 360 gamepad (and if you use MotioninJoy, you can use a PS3 pad instead) and is best played with a controller, because when it comes to a platformer like this, you’re going to want the precision that those supply.

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You might make it, boy, but by the skin of your teeth.

The game engine is rock-solid, with consistent physics and little to no latency issues. The visuals are nice and decently varied across the game’s worlds, and the atmosphere of the game is delightfully silly.

The only mechanical issue would be found in running – which is actually kind of slow compared to jumping – but that is most likely an intentional choice on part of the developers.

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The first time you see this screen will be the happiest moment of your life.

While we’re on the subject of issues, the game is a bit on the short side. I breezed through the main game in a little less than two hours. Granted, I’m pretty experienced with platformers, and while there are still stars to collect and stages to unlock, I don’t feel much reason to go back and play some more.

The gameplay, art direction, and soundtrack are all completely excellent, however, and if you’re particularly competitive or a perfectionist, there’s leaderboards integrated right into the stage select screen. If you want to be the best of the best, you’re more than welcome to try.

10 Second Ninja Review 2 1024x576 10 Second Ninja Review: Gotta Go Fast

The cutscenes are pure comedic gold.

Whether or not you want to buy 10 Second Ninja honestly depends on how much value you think you can get out of it. Two hours should be enough for the average platformer player to get through the main game, but I could see another hour or two added if one wanted to 100% the title.

I can’t really vouch for or against it at its current price range.

I mean, I paid thirty dollars for Ground Zeroes.

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10 Second Ninja Review: Gotta Go Fast
10 Second Ninja is a fast-paced precision action platformer with great gameplay designed around fun concepts. Its length is literally its only flaw - it may be short, but it is so, so sweet.
The Good
  • Solid gameplay mechanics.
  • Great soundtrack.
  • Hilarious story.
The Bad
  • A bit short for the asking price.
9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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