Click man, click! Spawn those ships! Blast off now to the realm of Aeon Command, where you will make your stand. In a fight for survival; a fight against your rivals. We will stop here, even though, this is Bat Country.

Aeon Command is a strategy game with a twist, in which you don’t control your ships as much as you might wish. You decide what to spawn and when, provided you have the means to do so. You need to collect minerals to make ships and send them on a mission to destroy the enemy mother ship before they destroy you. Each ship has a different set of abilities which they trigger automatically as they encounter enemies. Each ship has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, for example, some ships are better suited to a one on one fight while others are better for taking out groups. You also get a set of skills to help you with keeping your own ships alive as well as throwing a wrench in the plans of your enemy.

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Action pack firefights, set the sky ablaze!

You are able to play a campaign mode with three different factions and unlock upgrades that globally affect your game. You can increase your mining speed, energy regeneration and many other things. There are specific perks for each faction that you can upgrade as well.  Once you complete the campaign and you think it’s all over, the battle is actually just beginning. You can dive into the multiplayer and compete against friends, family and complete strangers. If you think you have what it takes or want to prove who the best captain is, you could even dive into multiplayer before doing any of the campaign, meaning you would have no upgrades at all. So if you think you have what it takes to be the best, strap in and get blasting.

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  • 3 Unique Factions each with unique ships and abilities.
  • 24 Mission single player campaign. 8 missions for each faction. Play through the Alliance, Cyborgs and Exile campaigns to unlock upgrades and abilities.
  • Skirmish modes including Classic, Close Quarters and Resources and 3 difficulties.
  • Multiplayer! Go head to head with a friend or stranger with your favorite faction.
  • Persistent upgrade system. Unlock upgrades as you play the game to constantly improve your fleet.

If you enjoy casual strategy games that don’t require a lot of micro management then you should take a shot at Aeon Command. Head over to Steam Greenlight and give it a thumbs up so we can blast each other to pieces!

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  • Billy Gates

    Great review Mr Bevers, hope it’s okay to plug the game a little more :P

    Hey everyone, I’ve been playing this game since pre-release and I find it to be a very tidy tug-of-war strategy game that you can play for 5 minutes or 5 hours – I do actually upload walkthroughs and multiplayer matches of the game, feel free to come over if you’re stuck on a level, want to just see what it’s about or just to watch me play and commentate:

    Thanks, Bill.