Particle Mace Preview - Featured Image

Preview: Particle Mace

When the Greenlit Gaming crew and I went to PAX East in Boston the weekend of April 11th, we had the opportunity to play a tonne of indie games, and chat with their developers.  One game in particular caught...
Iron Soul Review - Featured Image

Iron Soul Review: Robots Vs. Robots

It's the end of the world as we know it, but you can feel fine.  The robots have been hacked and are taking over.  Who will save us from the hacked robots you ask?  Well none other than another robot....
Bridge It Review

Bridge It Review: Does It Hold Up?

I’ve always been amazed at bridges.  The thought and engineering power that goes into bridges, both large and small, is quite amazing.  Seeing that my brain and mathematics don’t always seem to line up,...
SpyLeaks logo

SpyLeaks Preview

SpyLeaks is a puzzle game designed by HeartBit Interactive which tosses you into the life of a spy attempting to infiltrate a criminal organization. Playing as a nimble spy, you attempt to obtain...