There’s something special about sketchbooks and losing yourself to the doodles within. It’s nice to create your own world, and hide away in it, away from the hustle and bustle and worries of the world that we know. Anyone can be a hero on paper, and there are few places that it’s as true as in Bleed, the side-scrolling retro shooter from Bootdisk Revolution.

Bleed puts you in the rocket shoes of the protagonist, Wryn. She’s on a mission to be the best hero of all time, but unfortunately, she was a little to late to the race. All the best heroes have been picked already, but Wryn has an idea. She’s going to seek out all the heroes and defeat them, one by one, in order to prove that she’s the best hero of them all. Of course, there will be many minions and creatures in her way, but it’s all worth the effort to be crowned ‘Best Hero’.

Bleed Rocket Cat mansion 1024x576 Bleed Preview

Firing rockets at cats in a spookey mansion? I could go for that.

There’s plenty of ways to inflict carnage on your enemies in Bleed. You’ve got rockets and guns, aim-able triple jumps, upgrade-able powerups like bouncing bullets, hack and slash melee weapons and even a bullet-time style slow effect to help you through the levels. Even on easy or medium difficulty, the game can be a handful. The bullet-time becomes less of a gimmick and more of a necessity to survival as you need it to time your jumps and maneuver around the massive number of foes on the screen. There’s definitely a great balance between shoot ‘em up action and acrobatic maneuvering. Bleed pulls off a feel of epic-ness, whether it be the boss battles, cinematic gunfights, or rooftop battles with strafing helicopter gunships.


  • A unique control scheme that allows you to slow time, weave through hails of bullets and clear roomfulls of enemies without breaking a sweat
  • Seven levels packed with multiple set-pieces and bosses
  • A large arsenal including a flamethrower, remote mines and a bullet-reflecting sword
  • Difficulty levels ranging from laughably easy to maddeningly difficult
  • Three unlockable characters that put their own twists on the gameplay mechanics
  • Unlock Arcade Mode to try and survive the entire game on one life
  • Unlock Challenge Mode to select and battle up to three bosses at once

Bleed is charming with it’s upbeat retro soundtrack, adorable enemy sprites, colourful world, and straightforward gameplay. But they still need your help, because they haven’t been greenlit yet! Head on over to their Steam Greenlight page, and lend them a thumbs-up, so we can bring this genuinely fun shooter to steam!

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