Bridge Constructor has been released on a couple of other platforms besides steam. Usually when this happens there is still a high level of excitement to see how the game propels itself via the Steam engine. However, with Bridge Constructor, the opportunity does not present itself because of the limitations of the game. What it does do is provide the bottom five percent of an engineering class a sense of false achievement and share their progress on facebook (built into the game).

Suffice to say that with the exception of semi-trucks bursting into flames there are not high caliber visual effects. The game purely sells itself on concept, physics and game mechanics. In that respect, it is good. It cannot be considered great because it simply is not consistent. The objective is, as a senile nun could have guessed, to build a bridge.  The bridge must be sturdy enough to allow cares, trucks, and semi-trucks to cross. Safety is not a qualifier.

Bridge Constructor Review

So.. close..

The man with the hardhat (you) is allotted up to three types of materials to work with; wood, steel, and cable.  On some occasions you may require to lay concrete pillars. Each bridge is more strictly budgeted than a public school in Compton. The player will find themselves consistently smacking their hardhats as they are about to apply the last little strand of material only to see that they are $25 over their $30000 budget half the time.

The grid system implemented can be very simple to follow, but occasionally difficult when working with diagonals. Frequently when trying to connect parts of an inclined or declined bridge, it will not allow you to do so. I am assuming it is because the steepness is too high and thus unrealistically unsafe. That seems rather arbitrary seeing as how the vehicles roam down the slopes as if their operators have three open containers. Not being able to finalize certain connecting points will usually result in the bridge having to be entirely revamped. Over time, this process becomes quite detracting.

Bridge Constructor Review

Not quite as sturdy as I had envisioned…

While reckless driving is not a complaint to the mechanics department, there are certain aspects that leave this reviewer scratching his hair underneath his hardhat. Vehicles on several occasions will lose balance, somehow flip through the bridge, and then defy physics by riding up underneath the bridge. In addition, there are consistency issues. If the bridge collapses the first time, it may not the second time or any time after that. Therefore, keep trying.

Though there are few errors, the overall physics engine is impressive and surely accurate despite how many times one may disagree with it. The testing of geometric knowledge is simple in some fields while mind boggling in others. Players will soon discover that getting the ‘jerb’ done is not a matter of being overly fancy and creative. Sometimes adding too much material will actually make balancing the bridges worse!

Bridge Constructor Review

This bridge is safe.

Moreover, more often than not the fat needs to be trimmed off for less overall weight. Material highlighted in red are in deep strain and need to be tweaked slightly for better support. However, while trying to fine-tune my bridges, I found myself repeating the following process;

“Maybe if I switch this and this… and there we go!” *hits play*


*Watching trucks go*; bridge starts to bend; “Oh no…”; trucks falls into water again; *throws keyboard*; Ragequits.

Perhaps an exaggeration and/or overreaction, indeed. Bridge Constructor is only desired to be played until a certain level of frustration. A sandbox mode of some kind would have solidified the overall experience. Sticking to a budget all of the time is demoralizing, especially in today’s economy.

In essence, the game is good. However, once you are done with, you are done with it. There is not a big lure to go back and revisit.

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Bridge Constructor Review: Constructive Criticism Limited
Bridge Constructor is a good game. It’s mental, slower-paced, and can be a good type of frustrating and addicting. It could be better, but it most certainly could be worse.
The Good
  • More fun and interesting than one would think.
  • Fairly good mechanics.
The Bad
  • Limited in terms of the amount of potential fun and enjoyment.
7Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)