I’ve always been amazed at bridges.  The thought and engineering power that goes into bridges, both large and small, is quite amazing.  Seeing that my brain and mathematics don’t always seem to line up, I chose a different career path.  That is where Bridge It comes in.  A bridge building simulator that uses engineering, and economic skills, to build the bridge that fits each scenario.  Can Bridge It hold up against all of the other simulators on the market today?

The game starts with a very well designed tutorial.  The player can move as quickly or as slowly as they like with the text keeping up with them at all times.  It also teaches the player the very basics of creating each type of bridge, standard, suspension, and draw bridges.  Although it teaches you the fundamentals of bridge building, careful planning and a little bit of imagination will help you progress through the game.  The game then splits the levels into many difficulty levels. They are easy, medium, hard, complex, and extra.  Each difficulty level has a number of bridges that need to be completed.  Each bridge has three components that needs to fulfilled before level is deemed completed.  Does it hold up, does it support the vehicles that go on it, and the government’s favourite, is it under budget?  Once these three criteria are met, you can move on to the next bridge that needs to be built.

Bridge It Review Desert Bridge 1024x575 Bridge It Review: Does It Hold Up?

The view is often pleasant to look at.

You may ask, how does one know if they complete the scenario’s criteria?  In terms of budget, when you place an item that will be over budget, you will hear a noise and it will not place on the bridge.  With the different types of materials you can build your bridge with, they will all have their own costs.  Steel, for example, will be a stronger material able to hold much more weight, but it is much more expensive.  It terms of it holding up.  You can simulate the bridge to see if it will hold it’s own weight.  While in the simulate view, you can look at the amount of stress each part of the bridge has.  Green having no stress and red having the most amount of stress.  Finally once the bridge holds up, you can send the vehicles across.  Cars, tractor trailers, trains, and even boats, and no the boats do not go over the bridge.  An awesome feature of the game is when you are testing your drawbridge, after the first cars, or trains, go over the bridge, the bridge will then lift up using the hydraulics you’ve installed and a boat goes right underneath.  Bridge builders beware though.  Be sure the bridge goes high enough or else the boat will plow through your bridge like it was made of lego.

Bridge It Review Suspension Bridge 1024x575 Bridge It Review: Does It Hold Up?

Building a sturdy bridge is obviously the goal.

The environment inside of Bridge it Plus simply add to the level of detail in this game.  Little touches in each biome that add to the overall experience of the game.  In the plains biome, for example, you can see farm houses in the background with moving windmills, hot air balloons, and birds flying in the distance.  It’s the small little details that make the big difference.  Smoke coming out of a chimney, or even having a car in a parking lot.  Having pre built support systems that have a staircase built into them.  The one part of the environment that caught my eye the most was in one of the scenarios where you build a drawbridge.  The simulation has a train that goes over the bridge, the bridge lifts up, if hydraulics are used correctly, and a boat travels under it.  In most simulator games, once the boat passed under the bridge, it would have disappeared, but not in Bridge it Plus.  As the hydraulics lower and the second train begins to cross the bridge, the boat, with a nice decal reading Bridge It, is still visible in the distance.  This level of care and detail is hardly ever seen in simulator games and is a great treat to have inside of Bridge it Plus.

Bridge It Review Train 1024x575 Bridge It Review: Does It Hold Up?

I like how the boat simply didn’t just vanish. There it is… floating. Beautiful.

As you may have seen in previous simulator games, the tasks become quite repetitive and Bridge It is no exception to that, to a certain point.  The first few levels can be solved using the exact same bridge.  Just a standard bridge using triangle above it.  Once you get to the end of the medium difficulty is when you notice that a bit of creativity is necessary to complete each scenario.  The game also seems to lack any kind of music.  The sounds of the vehicles and hydraulics are superb, but the complete lack of music in any of the screens is a bit of a shortcoming.  I have no idea who built the boats in the game but when they make contact with a bridge, they turn into NFL linebackers and the bridge gets turned into many pieces.  I’m sure if I was to watch a boat his a bridge, the bridge would win nine times out of ten.  The first time I saw it I got a good laugh out of it, but someone may need to look into that.

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Bridge It Review: Does It Hold Up?
Bridge it Plus is a great simulator of what it takes to build a bridge; without the engineering ring. It is a slow paced, thinking game, that can make you feel quite accomplished in what you have created. It also has the ability to make you feel really dumb when your brilliant idea falls apart into many frustrating pieces. There are some small complaints but they do not take away from the overall experience. As far as simulators go, this is right near the top of the pot.
The Good
  • Realistic, intricate, and fun all at the same time.
  • Helps you flex your intellectual muscle.
  • Great scenery make the game more than just about steel.
The Bad
  • Early levels feel very repetitive.
  • Lack of in-game music.
  • Linebacker boats.
8Overall Score
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