A lot of weird stuff comes from South Africa, home of indie game studio Free Lives. Heck, they’ve put out some pretty weird stuff themselves. However, there’s a certain game that has caught my attention that isn’t so weird at all. Take every 80′s and 90′s action star you’ve seen on the silver screen, douse with ‘merica and shoulder padded business power suits. Add a dash of healthy action movie racism and high five it into your three best pals’ hands, and you’ve got the side scrolling platformer action-bro epic, BROFORCE!

Broforce is the child of a submission from free lives at Ludum Dare, an accelerated game development or as the hip kids call it, a ‘game jam’. This is when a development team builds a game within a small amout of time, pretty much from scratch. The submission, originally called RamBros won 1st in “Humour”, 2nd in “Fun” and 4th in “Graphics”. The team was in love with the concept and began to design it full time, and currently have a brototype available of the game to try yourself. You can play it within a browser here, or download it and run it locally from here. Within those links are the bread and butter of the gameplay. There’s no story, and no rhyme or reason other than ‘Those guys are bad guys. Kill them!’ and let’s be honest – hasn’t that always been the traditional American strategy? It’s a brototype, after all.

Broforce Unlocked RoBROcop 1024x576 Broforce: Action bros that we all love

A new Bro appears: RoBROcop!

Broforce is all about the characters. You can play as one of over 7 Bros, including Robrocop, Rambro, Indiana Brones, Commanbro and Brominator. Can you guys guess who the real characters are? Each bro has a different weapon and grenade and have a standard melee knife attack. Every bro has a different play-style that works best with them, whether it be lobbing packs of dynamite up over a hill, getting the surprise on the enemies,  or making sure you’re not too close to an explosive barrel with Bro Dredd’s pistol, which has bullets that can ricochet off walls. Bros as scattered around each area, hooded and bound in cages. When you break the bro free, you gain control of him and your previous bro disappears for the time being.

Broforce Rambro Gif Broforce: Action bros that we all loveThis works a bit like extra lives, as when your current bro dies, the previous bro you had spawns where your last bro died. Sometimes this can be a bane, especially if your favourite bro died, and you get one that isn’t as awesome as the rest. There’s a small variety of enemies in the brototype, which is sure to expand in the full version of the game. As it stands, there are small gun toting terrorists, small suicide bomber terrorists and huge terrorists about double the size of your bro, which carry a chaingun.   The gameplay can be tricky, since terrain is destructible, which means if you shoot too much, you might blow up your only way to get to the top of the area, where your allied chopper is waiting to pull you out at the last moment. Explosive barrels also are as much as a hazard as the enemies, as being too close to an explosion, especially one not caused by you is easily fatal. Your bro is a one-hit death sort of bro, so sometimes being a little gun shy can go a long way.

Broforce Bros jump to the choppa 1024x576 Broforce: Action bros that we all love


Sitting upon the shoulders of greats like Megaman and Contra with its fun platforming gameplay, Broforce has so much style and flavour, it’s unbelievable. Free lives is promising lots of awesome features in the full version, like level and brofort design, capybaras and shark racing! If Free Lives can knock the story out of the park, and deliver on the level editor, Broforce will definitely give these classics and platformers to come a run for their money.


  • Destructible terrain!
  • A story filled with revenge and bromance that spans the continents and outer space.
  • Local bro-op play and online multiplayer bro-op as well as deathmatch arenas with leaderboards and rankings.
  • A huge array of unlockable “bros” from the 90s and beyond. Each with distinctive attacks and special brobilities.
  • Vehicular action sequences, dinosaurs, aliens and epic Contra-inspired boss fights.
  • Nuanced and strategic combat, explosive action and deadly stealth.
  • A level editor and the ability to challenge your friends and share your custom levels.
  • Design your own Bro Fort! Build a fortress to weather the terrorist onslaught, or just hang out.
  • Capybaras.
  • Shark Racing.

If you’re reading this still and haven’t gone to their greenlight page, I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions I want to have them answered immediately. Well, just one. What are you waiting for?! Try the brototype for yourself, and lend them a thumbs up for all the action you could ever desire!

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  • CommieCannon

    This game is amazing please get it on steam!

  • Le3F

    sorry, but where is the racism? I’ve been playing this game for a while and have yet to catch it

    • http://www.greenlitgaming.com/ Stephen

      I was making reference to the prototypical terrorist as portrayed by
      most 80′s action movies. Team America: World Police does a pretty good
      job of lampooning it. The suicide bombers yell out in a shril ‘allah’ sound, and the other bad guys say ‘derka derr’. Not that I’m taking a personal offence to it or anything. For me everything is funnny, or nothing is funny.