If you were part of the Kentucky Route Zero Kickstarter or preordered a copy from their website, you likely have received an email from Cardboard Games. Within this latest email, which has been used as an intimate newsletter of sorts, is a link to a graphics demo for those curious to see if their machine can run Kentucky Route. An excerpt from the email reads:

A few days ago, we released a short, free game called Limits & Demonstrations. It began as a sort of “demo,” for people to find out whether their graphics card was capable of running KRZ. Over a few conversations, it grew and mutated (as our work always does) into more of a companion piece to the main story. We put it together over the course of a long weekend, and then quickly released it on our site. You can download “Limits & Demonstrations” here: http://kentuckyroutezero.com/limits-and-demonstrations/

The demo is ‘more of a companion piece to the main story’, and explores an artist named Lula Chamberlain through an art exhibition of her work – a character only briefly mentioned in Act I of Kentucky Route Zero.

limits and demonstrations Cardboard Games Releases Interesting Graphics Test Demo   Limits and Demonstrations

Limits and Demonstrations is unmistakably Kentucky Route Zero in it’s art style, and writing. If you’ve got a half hour to burn through some eerie and interesting storytelling, or if you’re not sure what Kentucky Route Zero is all about, please do download this free demo here!

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