I haven’t slept the same since I delved into The Cat Lady. I caught myself thinking about it all the time; at work, while I was out with friends, and it has even crept into my dreams.   The Cat Lady pulls from what nightmares are made of, the things you don’t want to dream about or ponder on.

Cat Lady Unarmed The Cat Lady Review: A Very Dark Place To Go

A farewell to arms.

Many years ago I played a game called “Dark Seed”, it was a hellish puzzle horror game in the same vein as The Cat Lady.  “Dark Seed” had Giger’s style art and a sinister feel about it. The art style of The Cat Lady is very unique; it’s very dark and simple yet beautiful. The violence is subtle but in your face when it has to be.  This game doesn’t rely on violence to make its impact. The developer Screen 7`s dramatic use of story and music to create an unsettling  feeling makes Cat Lady one of the smartest games you may play this year.

After playing, for countless hours, I found myself getting lost in The Cat Lady’s story. I would lose track of time when I would sit down to play. It is a confusing game but a rewarding experience.  The only way to truly understand what I mean is to play the game for yourself.

Cat Lady Susan Sleeping The Cat Lady Review: A Very Dark Place To Go

No rest for the wicked.

The Cat Lady is broken into chapters; each chapter is like unwinding a tangled spool of bloody barbwire. You are constantly wondering if you are alive or dead, and the only way to figure out what is up from down is to do some detective work. When you’re not solving puzzles, you are interacting with some truly strange characters. These conversations will shape the story that is told.  You can lie like a rug or try to answer honestly, either way you have to pay attention and memory is key.  Keen observation skills and thinking outside of the box will help you with most of the puzzles.  It reminded me of playing puzzle games before the internet and strategy guides. If you were stuck, you were stuck; you really had to let some puzzles stew in your brain for a bit.

The Cat Lady plays like a standard point and click adventure type game. The game can be played without a mouse and only a few keys need to be used. The inventory system is easy to use and the items that you can pickup are visibly “shiny”. Once an item is acquired it will appear at the bottom of your screen in an inventory window. The simplicity stops there, as The Cat lady is a very intelligent game with sophisticated puzzles that will challenge the brightest of minds. How you interact with the items you acquire will often have you scratching your head and forcing you to take strange approaches.

Cat Lady Suicide The Cat Lady Review: A Very Dark Place To Go

Is there hope?

The voice acting is very well done; with an all UK cast adding to the authentic dark, spooky feel. The music is eerie and sets the tone well. The combination of both the voice acting and music show the above and beyond effort that was put into the game and care that went into developing it.

There were a few hiccups with the sound and frame rate. These were small bugs that really never took away from the finished experience though. Overall the polish is comparable with that of a AAA game.

Cat Lady Pee Pee The Cat Lady Review: A Very Dark Place To Go

Black mirror.


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The Cat Lady Review: A Very Dark Place To Go
The Verdict: I thoroughly enjoyed playing The Cat Lady, but I think the audience that would love this may be niche. It is so bizarre and macabre that it won’t be for everyone. The journey will take you down some dark paths but the experience will be like no other. I count myself lucky to have played The Cat Lady and I am glad to know that there are people out there with balls big enough to make games like this.
The Good
  • A story like no other
  • Very creative and sinister puzzles
  • Beautiful art style
The Bad
  • Upsetting and disturbing
9.5Overall Score
Reader Rating: (13 Votes)

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  • Alejandro Sandoval

    Great review but what exactly do you mean by “Upsetting and disturbing”? Is it unnecessarily disturbing or…? I tend to appreciate that which is different and tries to push borders and do things that are generally avoided due to being afraid by the general consensus but there is always a limit (for me at least). Did the game hit your limit that you listed it under the negatives or was there a specific thing that you just didn’t like?

    • Matt Fox

      The torture. It was the torture that really hit home with me, without dumping any spoilers that is all I can say.

      Upsetting and disturbing was in the negative category but it didn’t affect the score. It was a personal thing for me. I have a strong constitution overall and I believe that to be one of the reasons I was assigned Cat Lady. Regardless it was truly unique and very well made. It pushes borders but it’s hard to say if it pushed the limit, it comes very close. I have a feeling you will enjoy it.

      I hope this helps, and thank you for you input and the positive comments on the review.