Organ Trail Review

Organ Trail Review: Guts, Greens, and Glory.

If you are stuck on the play on words of Organ Trail, just let it go.  If you are too young to remember Oregon Trail then don’t pass it up. If you are a graphics fiend leave your prejudices at the door. ...
DLC Quest Review - DLC

DLC Quest Review

It was my privilege to accept a truck full of money and a review copy of DLC Quest by Going Loud Studios. We don’t usually like to employ the standard number rating for games here at GreenLit Gaming but...
Evoland Review

Evoland Review

Evoland was a game I was really excited for when I saw it pop up on Steam Greenlight. I even wrote a preview for it telling you all to go vote for it. I’m very happy that I asked you all to do so, because...