Centration is an ambitious first person survival horror multiplayer sandbox game by Angry Engineers that promises an intense player-driven experience of desperate survival in space.

Centration is about survival on a space station when things inevitably go wrong. Looking at the list of features the developers at Angry Engineers hope to bring to the table, it will not be for the feint of heart. In Centration, players will sign up to fulfill roles on the space station such as security, a doctor or engineer, and be thrown together in round based action. The combat will feature an intense attack and counterattack system that allows you great control over where and how you strike as well as with what. A gun, a scalpel, your shoe or just your bare hands are all options as you desperately fight trying to defend yourself. As you take and deal damage, you will enjoy the in-depth medical system that will allow for realistic injuries from bruising and fractures to massive internal bleeding from puncture wounds. Luckily the space station will feature a medical bay and doctors, however, those doctors may not decide your worth their time to save as they struggle to keep up to the many wounded crew. Finally, the engineers will have plenty to keep themselves busy as they attempt to repair or sabotage the realistic electric systems that have dynamic wiring that will allow you to route and reroute power as you frantically try to keep the critical life support systems running. Centration will also feature a dynamic airflow system that will require the limited air supply to be recycled through tools. Along for the ride is decompression physics that will have you sucked out of that nearby hull breach or cackling with glee while others are sucked out of the airlock you “accidently” switched open.

centrationstation 1024x1021 Centration Preview

There is nothing like limited resources, dynamically abusable systems, and a group of players with each their own intentions to create a powder keg situation just waiting to blow up. At any moment, and that moment is a promise, something will go terribly wrong and the space station and its denizens will be thrown into a desperate fight for survival. One round you will have a strong fellowship that will display the most exemplary of human cooperation and ingenuity pulling through together. The next round some near do-well will backstab the doctor on his way to the medical bay and seal himself in with the only remaining oxygen supply and watch as chaos unfolds and the shaky illusion of society crumbles like the stations outer hull. Centration won’t be just a game, but a variable simulation that will put you and your fellow players into the kind of situation that always brings out the best and worst out of us.

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  • Sandbox Gameplay – The game is yours, gameplay will flow from you and the people you play with.
  • Survive or Die – Malfunctioning systems, questionable allies and the cold harshness of space.
  • Round-Based Multiplayer – play in rounds of 5 minutes to 5 hours with dozens of other players that may or may not be with you.
  • Diverse Combat – Brutal, visceral, and dangerous. It’s not an FPS, It’s a battle for survival.
  • Feature-packed Medical Systems – You can be bruised, fractured, broken, cut, strangled and poisoned. Internal bleeding, ruptured organs? Brain damage? Medic!
  • Airflow – Centration includes a dynamic airflow simulation. The station has a limited supply of air and a single hull breach is all that stands between you and the vacuum of space.
  • Electricity – The space station uses generators to produce electricity and wires to transport it.The power grid is dynamic will require work and rerouting every as sections are cut-off.
  • SCIENCE! – Why are we even here? What are we doing? Why is everyone dying? Who cares!! You can do SCIENCE!
  • Fully interactive Environment – Where’s the fun if you can’t blow shit up? The entire station is interactive and destructible.

Whether you live or die you will definitely walk away with a host of intense emotional experiences. That is why I believe Centration and the developers at Angry Engineers need as much support as they can handle to ensure those ambitions can be met. Check out their developer videos and give them a much deserved vote on Steam Greenlight now.

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