Children of Liberty Preview

In a world where 2-dimensional animations meet a 3-dimensional environment, we find the Children of Liberty fighting for their freedom. This game tickles my intrigue as Lantana Games provides a unique experience with a stealth platformer.

You use an Xbox controller with this game, but the controls couldn’t be simpler. Now don’t take that as a negative aspect, I don’t think games need to have all these buttons that do all this crazy stuff to be entertaining in the least. You are able to run, jump, sneak and even knock out guards.  You want to be as stealthy as possible but you may also need to run at times when there is a small window of opportunity for not being seen. You can also grab onto ledges and beams to have the actual drop on your pursuers. Objective: get to the end of each level without being caught.

Children of Liberty Knocked Out 1000x562 Children of Liberty Preview

Nighty night times Mr. Guard.

Children of Liberty uses a unique style of 2D art in a 3D environment. This is one of the main draws of the game, to play a side scroller that lets you move in and out of the foreground so that you can hide from guards. It makes this a very intriguing game. It also has an interesting story, you play as the children of some freedom fighters trying to complete their parents work. So it isn’t your typical spy game, as you must use your toys and childhood tactics to knock out guards and avoid capture. Children of Liberty is one of those games that makes history fun!


  • Fast-paced gameplay featuring a combination of classical platforming and modern stealth
  • 2D gameplay in a 3D world, with levels based on real world locations and historical events
  • Use the shadows and the various tools at your disposal – toy swords, yoyos, jacks, and more – to defeat the Redcoats!
  • Four playable characters with unique abilities and storylines

Do you have what it takes to help history repeat itself, or will you get caught by the British regulars and doom the colonies? Head on over to Steam Greenlight and enlist with a thumbs up for the Children of Liberty.


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