So you’re a developer and you want to contact us eh? That’s awesome, because we’d love to hear from you! We get a lot of emails daily about games, reviews, and coverage, so here is the quick list of what you need to know.

What you need to know

Greenlit Gaming is an indie game, PC only site.

While we all have phones and love to play the latest iOS game like everyone else, there’s a time and place to talk about those games and it isn’t here. We exclusively cover indie PC games only. If your game is cross-platform, that’s no problem, we’re happy as long as somewhere down the line it’s a PC game.


We love Steam Greenlight, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love all indies too! 

You should know by now that we spend a lot of time talking about Steam Greenlight. Yeah, it’s a pretty big deal around the office, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from you if you got to launch right onto Steam! While we currently only review the games of Greenlight, we’d love to feature your game on our YouTube channel, our livestream, and share it with our community.


Want us to write about your game? Give us something to write about. 

If you’d like for us to preview or review your game, provide a copy in the initial email you send to us. We only cover games we’ve personally played, which leads me to my next point…


We actually play your game.

Yep, it’s true. We play each and every game we cover. We strive to be experts on the games we cover, and how can you be an expert without actually playing the game? With that being said, our turn-around times are slightly longer than sites whom simply copy+paste press releases into their feeds. We need time to play your game.


We preview games that we believe interest the community.

We are a community driven site. If your game isn’t particularly fun, we reserve the right to elect not to cover it. Our goal is to highlight the gems of Steam Greenlight and the indie gaming community.  All sites do this, except we’re being honest about it. If we believe your game has potential but theres a few things that hold it back, that will be reflected in the preview.


We provide our audience with genuinely honest reviews.

We review all games for better or for worse. We love indie devs, we really do, but we have to be honest and true to our audience. If your game comes out and it isn’t good, we will tell them. We’re sorry.


We are extremely selective when it comes to Kickstarter. 

We don’t take the idea of recommending Kickstarter projects to our fans lightly. You are asking a lot for us to recommend our audience where to put their hard-earned money into your game. Unless we are willing to invest in the project ourselves, we will not recommend our audience to.


We don’t respond to random press releases.

Honestly, they simply don’t provide us with the information we need or care about.


If we don’t respond to your email, we are sorry.

We legitimately are. We do our best to respond to all of the emails we receive, but sometimes we just miss one. Its inevitable.


Oh, you still want to know how to contact us? Okay!

Well, you can do one of two things. You can email one of us directly if you think your inquiry would be best suited for one particular person, or you can simply email our general account at contact[@] if you don’t know/don’t care who should read the email. Either way, we’re happy!

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