Build your car. Add your rockets. Smash! Boom! Bang! Crashtastic, is a Crashtest dummy styled sandbox physics game, created by Mark Smith which puts you in the engineer hotseat to create your own contraption designed to complete various objectives (or maybe just crash into a wall at intense speed).

Crashtastic’s goal is to perform a given task, such as moving from one side of the level to another, getting a certain height off the ground, reaching a certain speed, or steering your way through an obstacle course. You do this by building a vehicle, outfitting it with rockets for propulsion, and setting it off on its own, or with you controlling the steering to see if it will complete the challenge. You can use small to large girders, rockets, wheels (steerable and static), suspension parts and more to design a car/truck/thing to complete the level. The hardest part is that any bump or mistake in rocket thrust will send your vehicle careening into a wall or just off in the air. While your goal varies, getting to that goal as violently as possible is almost more fun than the goal itself.

Crashtastic Hard day at the office 560x315 Crashtastic Preview

A hard day at the office.

Anyone who played with Lego, Meccano or the likes as a kid knows how much fun building can be. And the satisfaction of smashing your newly built creation into the side of your bedframe. Crashtastic definitely has this concept pegged. Mark Smith also promises to bring lots of replayability with future implemented features like multiplayer, additional parts, and most important, a level editor in which you can share your created level amongst other Crashtastic players. That feature alone will ensure that you’ll be able to play this crazy physics smash-em-up virtually forever without doing the same thing twice.

0 Crashtastic Preview

Current Features:

  • Support for both Windows and Mac.
  • Build fully destructible vehicles in an intuitive editor using various sized blocks, braces, shocks, and wheels.
  • Power your vehicle with adjustable rockets.
  • Control your vehicle with steerable wheels and controllable rockets.
  • 22 Challenge Levels
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Replay Viewer
  • Global Records

Planned Features: 

  • Asynchronous Multiplayer – Challenge your friends to see who can build the best vehicle capable of surviving a head-on collision.
  • Additional Parts – Rotaters, pistons, and a few more things!
  • Level Editor
  • Story Mode

Crashtastic has been floating in the top 100 for a few months now, which is a smashing success, but it still hasn’t been greenlit! Mark still needs your help, so head over to Crashtastic’s Greenlight page and cast your vote!

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