I have always been a fan of puzzle games, and I do find from time to time wanting something maybe a little less serious then the next big launch title. I feel the need for something that requires me to think and maybe not react as fast as I can. Cubicity looks like it is one of those puzzle games that will help me unwind.

Playing the demo has shown me only but a taste of what or why we are doing any of the things we accomplish in the game. The game starts with your character seeing a bunch of caution tape around a manhole in the street with what looks to be some kind of harness sitting there. Your character for some reason feels it would be a good idea to dive into this harness and plunge into the subterranean level of the city. Down there you find blocks and switches, doors and levers, and you seem to be carrying a magnet. You use the magnet to pick up items such as blocks of planks and you need to load a special block into the goal area, to be able to continue on your way to the next level. Why you are doing this or why you need to do this is beyond me, and maybe it will be explained a little further in the full version on the game, but what I do know is it is fun and seems to be utilizing a portal style game mechanic.

Cubicity portals and magnets 1024x564 Cubicity: A tale of one man, a sewer, and some weird stuff

So if I put this portal here and drop this block here….

As you progress through the demo you find another type of tool to help you solve some of the puzzles; a gun that shoots portals. However your movement is somewhat restricted as you are hanging from the ceiling by the harness you so eloquently adorned early on. So being able to get through the portals you make or even using them properly to achieve your task is sometimes tricky. As you pick up items you will drop closer to the floor as you now are carrying the weight of the item as well as yourself. So you need to make sure you use the right number of blocks and items to be able to reach your goal.  I found Cubicity to be entertaining on a puzzle level I managed to complete the demo without too much hassle but I have a feeling that is only but the cusp of something much more devious.

If you enjoy a good puzzle game and enjoy manipulating the level with magnets and portals and things you need to head over to Steam Greenlight and give Cubicity a thumbs up right now!

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