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Death Inc. by Ambient Studios is self described as a unique hybrid of real-time strategy, god game and business simulation.

Despite a setback from their failed to fund kickstarter, the developers at Ambient Studios are still determined to find a way to bring Death Inc. to life, or perhaps death would be more fitting. There is a great deal of potential for hilarity and action in Death Inc. Combining a simple free form of control with zany tongue in cheek RTS action, it is the very essence of what we are looking for in innovation. The game is controlled by painting paths across the ground that draws your ever growing plague horde along. A simple control mechanic that will free you to focus on the strategy of maximizing your hordes capabilities and ultimately reaping a bounty of souls to fund Grim’s entrepreneurial ambitions. Death is a business and business is good, but Grim lives a reality that many of us share. Working as a grunt on the bottom, bored and disaffected. You take on the role of Grim T. Livingstone as he strikes out as an independent and attempts to build his own fortune by bringing the plague to 17th century England. In time as you build your empire, you will discover that the King of England is seeking immortality and must be stopped or death as you know it, will cease to exist.

piedpiperofdeath Death Inc. Preview

Grim, The pied piper of death.

If ever a game deserves to be made, it is Death Inc. An innovative mechanic, a desperately undermined setting and rife with potential hilarity. From pushing cannons to blow open paths to overwhelming gates through the power of a horde and of course special abilities such as summoning plague rats to swarm your enemy. Its the game I never knew I wanted to play and the tech demo is but a taste of what could be. Exploding live stock? Panicking villagers? An infinite supply of fuel for Monty Python references? All this and more with a little help and support. I will stress it again, Death Inc is the very embodiment of what Steam is hoping to accomplish through Greenlight. Promoting and aiding innovation and providing an avenue for small developers like Ambient Studios to reach out and find the support they need to follow through with great ideas that would otherwise go by the wayside.

Swimming in a sea of nostalgia and zombies, Death Inc is a breath of fetid air in a horribly fresh field. Grab hold of your scythe, throw on your tie and set about plaguing as many villagers as you can so you can lead them to Steams Greenlight and reap that vote button. Lets ensure that Death Inc gets the support it needs to live lest the King find immortality and poor Grim T. Livingstone is left without a soul to his name.

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