Elder Sign: Omens by Fantasy Flight Games is up for voting on Steams Greenlight and having had some experience with the board game I took up my magnifying glass and dared to turn it over.

In Elder Sign: Omens you build a team of investigators and enter a horror filled museum in search of clues needed to prevent the summoning of a great and ancient evil. Gathering arcane items, weapons and eldritch spells your team will race against a ticking clock and ever challenging monsters.

searchforclues Elder Sign: Omens Preview

Discover clues in a race against time and cultists

All the while the fickle and unapologetic glyphs (dice) will fail you at every turn and ensure your every brutal defeat is painful and without remorse. With each taunting roll of the glyphs I wept as my team fell, one by one they succumbed to the horrors of Ryleh despite their every efforts. I shed a single tear as my final investigator fell, after many attempts lacking scrolls the remaining glyphs flashed an abundance and nothing else. The experience of the board game was kept whole, my suffering total and complete, defeat assured and humiliating.

0 Elder Sign: Omens Preview

Will you dare to save the world from ancient evils? Will you face off against cultists and monsters while searching for clues? Think you possess the skill and the luck to discover enough elder signs in time to prevent the release of the old ones? Prefer the sizable space of a larger resolution then that offered on a mobile device? Then head over to Steams Greenlight and vote for Elder Sign: Omens to be greenlit and brought to your library of games!

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