I didn’t beat Electronic Super Joy and I don’t think I even came close. I guess I suck at platformers or maybe video games in general? This could be a contributing factor. I have played platformers for decades. I can operate a crane and parallel park like a pornstar but Electronic Super Joy (ESJ) is an evil, relentless, psychedelic and twisted tough bastard of a game. I literally smashed my controller into the floor numerous times, and even ended up having to buy another one to finish the review. I have also decided that I need to cut back on caffeine a great deal. Please don’t run away.

As the story goes… You lost an arm in the disco wars of 1515, an eye in the war of rock ‘n roll, both legs defeating DJ Deadly Skillz, and lost your entire butt to an evil wizard. Your quest is to get revenge for your butt. I didn’t write the story, but (butt) I couldn’t help giggle as I read it, and it’s even funnier as I read it out loud.

Electronic Super Joy Review I Want Everything But A Seizure

I want everything but a seizure.

The games physics are that of standard platformer for the most part. You will generally move in side-scrolling fashion and use specific areas to leap jump to higher areas. As you proceed on your quest, people from around the land give you hints and tips on how to manoeuvre and how to interact with the environment. They also teach you an attack move that will have you smashing down like a beam of light on your enemies. Considering you are missing several appendages and such, you do move pretty damn fast.

Electronic Super Joy Review Sticky With Frustration

Sticky with frustration.

What will keep you coming back? The challenge, the music, and the sexy voice when you are regenerated. Yes, that’s right, if you make it far enough there are checkpoints. The checkpoints made me a little less crazy and violent. Why the good people at ESJ picked phone sex operator voices I may never know, but man they made my pants tight, and for this I thank them.

Electronic Super Joy Review What A Trip

What a trip.

One of the biggest selling features of ESJ is the soundtrack and sound effects. The soundtrack is sold separately and has quite the following. It is a funky cracked-out techno mash-up and it fits the game perfectly. The look of the game is 8-bit vector on LSD. You will have to play it to understand what I am talking about or to even believe it. The videos only do it some justice.

Electronic Super Joy Review Pure Evil Achievements

Pure Evil achievements.

What separates Electronic Super Joy from the many other games is the very creative and intelligent level design. You’ll find yourself moving at frantic speeds while trying to figure out puzzles on the fly. Many jumps have to be pixel perfect and these pixel perfect jumps come up often and sometimes one after the other in a tight sequence. I found myself often getting so close to a checkpoint but failing at the last moment due to a lapse in memory or excitement because I had made it farther than I did on the 30 attempts before it.

If I collected all the carcasses that died during my pitiful gameplay, I would have a 46 story apartment building packed to the roof and basement dug down 4 shallow feet. This is an approximation and not educated answer.

Electronic Super Joy Review A History Of Violence

A History Of Violence smash up.

As you can tell from the picture above, I punched a tiny hole in a wall. Why did I punch a hole in the wall you ask? Halo 4 Multiplayer (I think).  Well, when I did that I was only half as mad as I was when playing Electronic Super Joy. I have to hand it to the evil bastards of Michael Todd Games for developing the perfect love-hate relationship; they must be married.

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Electronic Super Joy Review: Happy Love Frustration
Saying Electronic Super Joy is a challenge would the understatement of the year, but don't get hung up on that. You will be pulled into a visual wonderland of trippyness and a sound show that won’t let go. On a side note, please be more patient than I, and have a spare controller standing by. I will come back to play Electronic Super Joy in the near future.
The Good
  • Brilliant and creatively weird.
  • Top notch soundtrack.
  • Cross-eyed, tongue biting, hair pulling @#!@* bullshit.
The Bad
  • Evil difficulty levels
9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (2 Votes)