Goats are majestic and wonderful creatures that can do pretty much whatever they want. Whether it be eating a shirt, a couch or an old TV set, or just headbutting anything; goats do as they please. This sort of bravado is even more apparent in the slightly more rare Escape Goat, which is also a physics based puzzle platformer game created by the Magical Time Bean team.

Escape goat puts you in the controls of a goat who has been trapped inside a magical castle called the Prison of Agnus. Because you’re a goat and you yearn to roam free, you try to breakout from the prison. During your breakout you make friends with a magical mouse, who decides to take up arms with you. This magical mouse can get into small places you can’t, and with a magical hat can teleport you to those locations as well.

Escape goat jumpin Escape Goat Preview

There’s lots of jumping to be done within these castle’s walls.

Escape goat uses a proven puzzle-platform formula seen across decades of gaming, but adds a physics twist. Blocks have weight, explosions can fling objects in all directions, and the room itself moves about as switches and levers are toggled. With over 50 levels and a level editor, there’s lots of puzzles to solve and an infinite amount of puzzles to create. The humble 8 bit graphics and well done particle effects look great and ensure that even a player equipped with a netbook will be able to enjoy the game just as much as those with a full on gaming pc.

0 Escape Goat Preview


  • Use the environment to your advantage to overcome traps, machinery and puzzles embedded in the world.
  • Watch each room morph and change shape as the walls rearrange themselves, stone blocks settle, and explosives blast things in all directions.
  • Over 50 rooms in the main campaign
  • 50-room bonus world for torture platformer fans.
  • Ever-growing list of user-created worlds
  • Built-in level editor, with easy-to-use color-coated scripting system.

Escape Goat is sure to bring anyone into puzzler platformers hours and hours of replay value, but it hasn’t been Greenlit yet! If you’re not sure about Escape goat yet, check out their playable demo. Once your done with the demo, head on over to their Steam Greenlight page and give them the thumbs up!

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