Evoland was a game I was really excited for when I saw it pop up on Steam Greenlight. I even wrote a preview for it telling you all to go vote for it. I’m very happy that I asked you all to do so, because once I got a hold of the review copy of the game I couldn’t put it down until I had beat the last boss. I thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute of the game.

Evolnad Start Screen Evoland Review

Time to start an epic adventure!

You start Evoland in a forest and you can only move right, but as luck has it there is a chest just to your right. When you open this chest you unlock the ability to move left. When you do so you quickly find another chest that allows you to move in two dimensions. The game continues in this manner throughout the entire play through, as chests will give you some sort of new upgrade, NPCs, 3D graphics, unhindered movement and so forth. This is what made Evoland endearing to me. I enjoyed the fact that I would be playing through an ever-changing environment; one that I would be able to back track in and see starting areas in the new shiny graphics. Evoland also makes good use of its premise by making certain areas of the game only accessible in 2D or 3D based on your current dimension. Within the game are crystals that allow you to change the world from 2D to 3D and vice versa. I can only describe this feature as delightful. Having to change from 2D to 3D and back again to find that last chest in the area made for some interesting puzzles.


As with most RPGs there are things to do in the game beyond the main quest line. Stars and cards are hidden throughout the world for you to find and collect, however the stars don’t seem to serve any purpose other than “Can you find all the stars?”, while the cards can be used in a mini game that exists inside Evoland. This makes finding the cards semi-important, as if you want to be the best card player out there, you need to have the best cards. But therein lies the snare, finding them isn’t always easy. You will have to search every nook and cranny for all the cards, and I played through the entire game and found only managed to find 19 of 23 cards. Do I have any idea where those last 4 cards are? Nope. Will I look for them? Definitely.

Crystal2d 3d Evoland Review

A crystal what does this do? WHOA another dimension!

Not all is well in Evoland however. The storyline seems to fall flatter then the 2D environment you start in. In fact, there isn’t much in the way of story at all. You start in a forest with no information about your character, and you seem to learn any more later in the game other then getting to name yourself. You meet people that seemingly mean nothing to you and help them save their village from some evil power that you know nothing about. This lack of story was counterbalanced with satire. The developers added some jokes here and there and references to other games from the past, but it still didn’t save the story. If you ask me, what little satire there was wasn’t enough to make the game engaging from a storyline perspective.

Evolnad CardGame Evoland Review

You a winner hahaha

Another thing that seemed rushed was the travel system. It takes forever to go anywhere because every few steps you’re thrust into a combat situation. It doesn’t seem random either, as it seems like there is a counter that says “have they taken X amount of steps? Then initiate combat!”. I felt like I was never really getting anywhere but I was always moving. However near the end of the game you unlock something that lets you go anywhere on the map without getting into any fights on the way. But when I say ‘end of the game’ I literally mean you get it and use it to travel to the last boss fight. You get this cool method of transportation only to use it for a tiny, little fraction of the game play.

Evolnad World battle Evoland Review

Another fight? yay…

Even with this gripes I still had fun playing the game. The dungeons were superbly done and were filled with traps and monsters. Puzzles were in abundance, with some where you need to push blocks around but also the kind where you need to find secret walls that lead you to hidden switches. And each dungeon had its own mini boss, of course! This made for some cool and interesting fights, some of which were very reminiscent of classics of the past.

Evolnad Puzzle Evoland Review

a puzzle where you have to light up all the squares in one continuous line.

Evoland is a game I would recommend for anyone who has roots in old RPG games from the past. If you enjoyed games like Dragon Quest, Diablo, and Legend of Zelda, you will definitely enjoy this game. Even with a few shortcomings, it is a very endearing game and should be considered by anyone looking for a nice quick game to pass some time with.


+ Fun concept of playing through the evolution of games
+ In-game content to earn 100% completion is fun
+ Fun dungeons and puzzles
+ Utilization of changing environment to solve puzzles
+ Mini Bosses – reminiscent of classic boss fights
- Storyline falls flat
- Travel is tedious

 Final Verdict: Despite a lack of story and a few tedious endeavors, Evoland is definitely a game worth having in your library of games.

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