We’ve all been to our local bar, or college common area and seen the magical foosball table.  It seems to run everyone into a soccer fan, even outside of World Cup time.  Foosball Street Edition takes the rods out of play giving us an arcade soccer experience that definitely needs some serious debugging.

You start out as an up and coming team in the competitive world of 5 a side soccer.  You travel to opposing teams stadiums and play in a best of 3 game of soccer.  Each pitch has it’s own characteristics, but with each of these characteristics comes a laundry list of glitches that definitely need improvement.  The different pitches add a tad of originality to the game.  Playing on a beach with sand tornadoes taking players away for a small amount of time, but coupled with a left side goal which gives penalty kicks, due to poor translation, instead of proper goals is frustrating.  The act of passing to your keeper and him holding onto it until time expires is a great tactic if you’re ahead but if the first half just started, it makes a for a long half.

Foosball Street Edition Review (5)

Nothin’ like smashing the opposition. Not sure how I scored 12 goals on 4 ‘shoots’ though.

As you progress further in the game, you can unlock different teams, fields, and mini games which help add replayability to the game.  The different teams have players on each team which highly resemble their real world selves, such as a player with a very large afro or another player on a Spanish type team with the name of Javi.  The mini games are very unique in their own right and are the best addition to this game.  A volleyball type game using headers and over the top bicycle kicks to score points using only 3 touches, a  2 team 1 net game which makes positional play a huge focus, or the first to passes game which promotes passing and skill use to win.

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The mini games are easily the best part of the game.

The controls are very basic and it is much easier to play the game if you use an Xbox 360 controller.  One button for pass, one for shoot, one for skill move and one to activate your team’s bonus skill, which could be either a stampeding run where you knock over all in your path, or a foosball shot where your player stands in one spot, and spins like you were spin the rods on a real foosball table.  The biggest issue with the controls is that you are unable to change them.  X will always be skill move, and sprint is always on the right bumper which I’d love to see it on the trigger.  The actual movement in the game feels very clunky.  If the players moved as smoothly as their real world counterparts in the beautiful game, it would create a much more playable game for all to enjoy.

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The different arenas are creative, but often filled with glitches.

The issues don’t stop there unfortunately.  The goal keepers either seem to make outstanding saves, or they just stand and watch the ball go past them.  There is nothing worse than seeing a slow moving ball go past a keeper.  A few fields also have environmental hazards that remove a player from the field, and sometimes the ball seems to disappear as well.  This creates a huge issue because the players will then run to one of the corners until the time runs out.  Another frustrating element of the game is that the players can only seem to kick the ball directly in front of themselves. This lack of control is frustrating because only being able to pass or shoot the ball will go directly in front of you takes a lot of the skill out the game. There’s just too many bugs and control issues to forgive.

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Foosball Street Edition Review: Taking Foosball Off The Table
Foosball Street Edition has an incredible amount of potential in a genre that is rarely taken on by indie developers, but with the amount of glitches, bugs and its overall poor gameplay, it creates more headaches than are necessary in a video game.
The Good
  • Fun mini games.
  • Arcade soccer.
  • Real-life likeness of players.
The Bad
  • Slow, clunky gameplay.
  • Awkward controls that cannot be changed.
  • Numerous game-breaking glitches.
3.5Overall Score
Reader Rating: (9 Votes)