Full Bore is a puzzle game that follows the life of a bore as he/she tries to tunnel their way back to society. James Paul Gee describes good video games as “games that incorporate good learning principles supported by research.” The importance of Gee in this game preview is to understand why in fact a game like this is being produced. Is this simply a puzzle game used to test the cognisance of the player? Or is it a procedural rhetoric of how the world is run today?  We won’t know until the devs tell us, but one thing is certain, the game teaches as the player plays. Full Bore is being developed by Whole Hog Games and packs a considerable amount of trickery and intellect into the game all the while using a pixel art style.

You must tunnel your way through the maze of a ruined mine in order to uncover gems and other secrets that lie beneath the surface. The game developers wanted to focus on problem solving, and exploration instead of conflict within the game. Considering it was only a demo being played, the game is already well put together.

Full Bore Title Screen 680x381 Full Bore: Puzzles and Pigs Prove Promising

Time to start diggin’

Full Bore Rocket Ship 300x168 Full Bore: Puzzles and Pigs Prove Promising

Blast off to who knows where!

Simply put, the game draws you in and keeps you there. Seriously…it’s hard to stop playing this game. The simplest of concepts has one racking their brain in order to try and solve the puzzles in each room and obtain all of the gems. As you tunnel through the mine one must be able to understand exactly what lies ahead, a wrong move and you are starting from the last checkpoint. I learnt this the hard way. Trial and error is key in order to solve the puzzles.

On top of the addicting game play, Full Bore offers an entire original soundtrack as you make your way from room to room; a sweet addition to an already fantastic game.

As I mentioned above, the game teaches as you play it. It may not seem like learning due to the guise of art, music, and storyline, but there is definitely a form of education going on. It builds problem solving skills and stresses the importance of caution when performing a task. All in all, the people at Whole Hog Games have created a gem with Full Bore, and it definitely should be greenlit.

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