Homesick is a first person adventure game by Lucky Pause that features a stunning atmosphere with an interesting plot concept.

In Homesick, you must adventure through an abandoned building solving puzzles in order to uncover who you are and what has happened to you. As you explore the building, it becomes clear that the building itself is as mysterious as the nightmares that constantly haunt you within its shadows. In order to remain at peace, you must stay within the glow of sunlight. Otherwise, the recesses of the darkness will bring the nightmares roaring back.

Homesick environment

This peaceful environment promises to immerse players.

The very first element of Homesick you may notice is its incredible graphics and magnificent sound quality. Finding out that the game was also to feature challenging puzzles only made me more excited. Homesick’s unique story offers additional puzzles so that the player can expand their knowledge of the story if they’d like to. This focus on storytelling alongside the fantastic graphic and sound design combines to create a wonderfully immersive environment.

There are two different worlds in Homesick, one being daytime and the other nightmare. These worlds interact with each other, meaning if a player solves a puzzle in one world, this effects the other world. To me this seems like a very interesting mechanic that has the potential to create challenging and innovative gameplay. Homesick is a game that simply looks outstanding from every perspective.

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– Challenging, logical puzzles
– Learn new abilities to unlock puzzles
– Multiple ways to solve puzzles
– Optional side puzzles that expand the story
– A day time world and a nightmare world, each with different game play
– Solve puzzles in one world to effect the other

Homesick still needs your votes, so head over to their Steam Greenlight page and give them the thumbs up!

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