In Verbis Virtus Preview

It’s a fair argument to say that first person games, especially of the shooter variety, have gone through their bag of tricks. Indomitus Games has set their ambitions high with their first game, In Verbis Virtus, which promises to be an innovative entry in the genre.

Everyone who gamed as a child has at some point pretended to be a mage, a warlock, or other magical character. Heck, some people still do, and I don’t blame them. In Verbis Vurtus takes that idea of spell casting with words and shouting on the battlefield to the next level by having the player ‘cast’ their spells by shouting them into their microphone. Having looked up on their Greenlight page, the biggest concern people seem to have against the game is, ‘what if it doesn’t work?’. Thankfully, there’s a demo available, which I have played already. I can definitely say that it works, and pretty well, too. The demo gives you 5 spells, and all of them can be said with little issue. It works.

In Verbis Virtus Preview In Verbis Virtus Preview

So much room to shout in!

There’s only a handful of rooms in the demo, but for what it’s worth, they look beautiful. The textures, lighting and overall design of the interior of the temple gives the illusion of a real and troubled past within the temple walls – they’re top notch. The atmospheric environment is beautiful and inviting, while at the same time eerily concerning as you can almost feel that theres something lurking behind the stone pillar that stands in the shadowed corner of the room. The level design doesn’t leave much for wanting, albeit needing a little bit of polish. But let’s be fair: It’s a demo and the game isn’t greenlit yet! In Verbis Virtus looks like it could easily be a break out game that demonstrates the technological innovation that talented indie developers are capable of.

0 In Verbis Virtus Preview


  • Voice Recognition as a core gameplay mechanic
  • Beautifully rendered levels and enemies
  • Lots of spells
  • Lots of puzzles
  • No Weapons! D:
  • Fight monsters with just your voice

Somehow this trailblazing puzzler hasn’t been Greenlit yet. Check out the demo, shout at the microphone and then head over to their Steam Greenlight page and toss them a thumbs up!

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