What happens when you get 40+ developers, their games, and a stream team that loves indie gaming?

The Indie Showcase

Important Info
When: Friday January 10th, 2014 @ 7pm
Where: twitch.tv/greenlitgaming

The Indie Showcase schedule:

 Kingdom Rush 7:00 PM EST Kingdom Rush
 Contrast 8:00 PM EST Contrast
 Rollers of the Realm 8:30 PM EST Rollers of the Realm
 Teslagrad 9:00 PM EST Teslagrad
 RimWorld 9:30 PM EST RimWorld
 Nekro 10:00 PM EST Nekro
 Second Chance Heroes 10:30 PM EST Second Chance Heroes
 Race the Sun 11:00 PM EST Race the Sun
 Disco Dodgeball 11:30 PM EST Disco Dodgeball
 ANNE 12:00 AM EST A.N.N.E
 Boot-Hill-Heroes 12:30 AM EST Boot Hill Heroes
 Risk of Rain 1:00 AM EST Risk of Rain
 Mousecraft 1:30 AM EST MouseCraft
 Forced 2:00 AM EST Forced
 Gnomoria 3:00 AM EST Gnomoria
 Legends of Eisenwald 3:30 AM EST Legends of Eisenwald
 Telepath Tactics 4:00 AM EST Telepath Tactics
 Signs of Life 4:30 AM EST Signs of Life
 The Red Solstice 5:00 AM EST The Red Solstice
 Assault Android Cactus 5:30 AM EST Assault Android Cactus
 Crea 6:30 AM EST Crea
 Castaway Paradise 7:00 AM EST Castaway Paradise
 Strike Vector 7:30 AM EST Strike Vector
 Space Engineers 8:00 AM EST Space Engineers
 Gas Guzzlers Extreme 8:30 AM EST Gas Guzzlers Extreme
 Dragons and Titans 9:00 AM EST Dragons and Titans
 Tower of Guns 10:00 AM EST Tower of Guns
 Drunken Robot Pornography 10:30 AM EST Drunken Robot Pornography
 Monster Loves You 11:00 AM EST Monster Loves You!
 Dungeon of the Endless 11:30 AM EST Dungeon of the Endless
 Broforce 12:00 PM EST Broforce
 iRacing 1:00 PM EST iRacing
 Steamworld dig 2:00 PM EST SteamWorld Dig
 Running with Rifles 2:30 PM EST Running with Rifles
 Torchlight 2 3:00 PM EST Torchlight II
 The Novelist 4:00 PM EST The Novelist
 Stonehearth 4:30 PM EST Stonehearth
 Ring Runner 5:00 PM EST Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
 Pixel boy 5:30 PM EST Pixel Boy
 ittle dew 6:00 PM EST Ittle Dew
 Secret 6:30 PM EST *Top Secret*

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! 24 hours more in fact! At 7pm est on Saturday January 11th, head on over to RobotlovesKitty’s channel for the Indie Dev Supershow!