Knytt Underground is an extremely unique platformer from Nifflas’ Games, a Swedish game developer.

Knytt Underground follows a young girl who has lost her voice and memories and must travel underground to recover both.  After playing Knytt Underground, I can safely say as someone who generally finds platformers rather dull, that this game is truly engaging with great gameplay, and also an in game minimap which makes navigating the world enjoyable. Kyntt also has the ability to shape shift into different coloured orbs that allow her to traverse the world. These orbs can be used to solve challenging puzzles. Knytt Underground is a stellar game from many perspectives, and platform lovers will certainly find lots to enjoy in this thrilling adventure.

KynttUnderground ss1 Knytt Underground Preview

The environments that Knytt must travel through are beautiful.

Knytt Underground has incredible artwork which for me as a gamer, creates the ability for me to immerse myself in the game. The environments are incredibly detailed and expressively drawn, and really draw you into the game world. The game’s storytelling also does a good job of making you understand the main character’s position, and helps drive the story forward in an interesting way. The menu is also playable and allows players to jump around and feel the game mechanics before they even get into the story. Between the wonderful visual style, fun gameplay, and engaging story, you will find lots to love about Knytt Underground.

0 Knytt Underground Preview

• Zen-like gameplay, vibrant environments and dynamic characters
• Compelling and thought provoking storyline
• An ambient and immersive audio experience
• Over 1,800 rooms to explore and multiple story-driven quests to complete
• Switch between human and ball form for an unparalleled sense of freedom
• Open world, ready to be explored by you (at your own pace)

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