Legend of Eisenwald by Aterdux Entertainment is a strategy RPG set in a realistic medieval world setting.

In Legend of Eisenwald, you take on the role of a character in a campaign of danger and intrigue that will pit your capacity as a ruler and as a strategist against a gritty realistic medieval setting. You control a lord or lady under the guise of knight, baroness or mystic, and travel the land engaging in duties due your stature. Put down peasant revolts, investigating rumours of haunted ruins and engage in a little political manipulation in order to rise in power and claim the land for the people or for your own nefarious schemes. No ruler ever built a kingdom alone so you will travel the land with a ragtag bunch of peasants and trainees, but if you lead them well and equip them properly you can raise them to be an army fit for a king. Lead your troops to victory and languish in the lap of luxury due a ruler or fall in battle to the one who will.

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The Baroness feels the sting of consequence for an unprepared army.

The strategic combat is a lot of fun in Legend of Eisenwald, though at first it seems slightly simplistic as your ranged units cannot move and your melee units are limited in move options. However, those choices were deliberate and create a streamlined (but challenging  turn based combat system. It puts pressure on your decisions before each battle as to how to arm your units and where to position them when starting up. If you don’t use good placement strategies, you could potentially leave your vulnerable support units open to attack or block in a melee warrior and be unable to maximize their use.

Another layer that deepens the strategy is the different effects that weapons can impose. A warrior with a spear would do damage to an approaching attacking enemy while another warrior wielding a mace stuns the enemy on impact. Knowing the effects of different kinds of equipment can make the difference between winning or losing a battle. I also enjoy the flexibility of the campaign as the quests carry consequences beyond success or failure. The quests also have decision points that can change the course of the world depending on your actions. With a beautiful realistic looking world to explore and engaging strategic role play to be had, Legend of Eisenwald is definitely worthy of being greenlit on Steam.
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  • Streamlined, tactical battles that rewrite the rules of turn-based combat
  • Dynamic campaigns and quests that react to your choices
  • Highly customiseable units with extensive upgrade trees
  • Huge variety of weapons and spells, each with unique characteristics
  • Richly detailed environments and atmospheric day/night cycles

Although a work in progress, the Beta is a compelling play and there is still plenty in the way of content to come as well as some key features that will nicely round out the experience. If you like a game that presents meaningful choices and highly strategic combat, or simply enjoy a gritty medieval world setting then get thine self over to Steam Greenlight and cast your vote in favour of Legend of Eisenwald.

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