[Insert self-deprecating joke about having lost one’s marbles here.]  There, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can talk about Lost Marbles, a charming puzzler by B1nary Take0ver.

Here’s the deal.  You get three marbles.  One is made of rubber and can bounce.  One is made of paper and can crumple up into a smaller paper marble (and back, thankfully).  One is made of steel and has a speed boost to power through pesky obstacles.  Using these three amigos, you have to navigate a tricky series of platforms and pitfalls to clear each level.  Sometimes you’ll be rolling shotgun.  Sometimes you’ll need to get those marbles to cooperate tag-team style.  Most of the time you’ll be cursing yourself for getting through a sticky situation and then plunging your marble into the abyss on a routine maneuver.

LostMarbles ss2 1024x576 Lost Marbles: Reward if Found

This time, rock saves paper. What a twist!

It took a few runs at the first level to gain an appreciation for the way the marbles handle.  Part of me wanted the marbles to maintain a little more momentum as I hurled them around with reckless abandon.  The controls came to feel very tight and responsive, which was very much appreciated after dropping my fair share of marbles into the dark chasm below.

This is a challenging game.  Fans of puzzle games will find lots here to enjoy.  The interplay between marbles adds a welcome element to the puzzling action.  More than once, a warm rush of endorphins were released into my blood stream by my satiated (if not marble-lacking) brain upon resourcefully placing an obstacle in the rear view mirror through the team work of the marbles at my disposal.

LostMarbles ss1 1024x576 Lost Marbles: Reward if Found

Honestly, you’re not making this easy on me!

The fact that such wonderful moments were followed by seething red rage as I inadvertently rolled my marble the wrong way just before reaching the end of the level was soothed by the wonderful soundtrack.  Seriously, if nothing else, open the game up and listen to the music.  You’ll also want to move around to hear the neat little sound effects, like the little bass hits that accentuate your marble dropping onto a surface or the adorable puff your marble makes when you’ve rolled it off the edge.  It’s the little things in life!

For those of you who are really adventurous, there is a hardcore mode.  I don’t recommend it.  There is no mercy for your margin of error.  Maybe some of you like that sort of thing, so good luck to you!

All in all, this game deserves some love.  It’s demanding and delightful and definitely worth your time! Go and give it a vote on Greenlight.

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