What a delightful thrill this title is! And by delightful I mean how fun it is smashing through levels and blowing up robots. Megabyte Punch is a simplistic, two-dimensional adventure will keep you wanting to hit, run, collect, and repeat.

It was all over after seven levels which took me, a bad gamer mind you, seven hours to complete. However, it is worth noting that you can revisit previous and bosses at any time in case you felt like having a nice rerun. By then end of it all, I found myself going back to the final boss for a nice bout.

Megabyte Punch Review Oynx 1024x640 Megabyte Punch Review: A Bit of Entertainment

Love these boss encounters!

The graphics are excellent. All the different items and colour schemes that can be collected add a fine touch to the games presentation. The only thing that struck me as odd is when your character runs. It look more like he/she/it is ice skating, perhaps preparing for Sochi 2014. In all, nothing is underachieving. Animations from attacks are very accurate. Usually in games like this I would expect to somehow get trapped in a wall or something after performing one of my abilities. Then, having to restart the game and repeat the level all over again. I was actually surprised that this never happened considering all of the smashing, flipping, drilling, and apparent ice skating going on.

The physics engine is neither overly complex nor groundbreaking, but even so, the game runs completely smooth. The more damage one takes, the more likely they are to faceplant into a wall and smash into a million pieces. Upon killing enemies you collect coins or body parts that can be salvaged or equipped.  Strapping on different body parts will grant your robot/dude/thing (whatever he is) plentiful options on how to utilize certain abilities in combat. I found myself sticking with the drill the entire game after obtaining it in level one, since it enables you to plow through levels much easier and is great when fighting anyone. My best combo was to use the drill and then follow-up with a huge uppercut that would send opponents disintegrating into the ceiling.

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Customization is a key part of the experience.

The plot is as simple as one could possibly imagine. To be honest, it does not matter much. Some evil mongrel steals a ‘heartcore’ from your village which is populated by a bunch of useless drones and you much now retrieve it or else… I’m not too sure. But your peers seem to stress over it quite a bit.

Moreover, I did not come across a single bug or issue. Impossible, right? What is even more pleasing is that one can embrace the AI in an indie title. Although in the tournament mode you will get much better at predicting when your opponent is going to shield. Then all that must be given is a quick hump with your mid section and then smash him with a missile, bomb, uppercut, or any other of the hard hitting abilities you can obtain from collecting different items throughout your adventure.

Megabyte Punch Review Colors 1024x640 Megabyte Punch Review: A Bit of Entertainment

Pimpin’ a new look is always enjoyable.

Though I enjoyed the game thoroughly, I wondered why the game was called ‘Megabyte Punch’. I could not put my finger on it.  It was soon after defeating the evil twisted and cruelly sadistic emperor that I discovered a secret level. It is here where you will find the epic Megabyte arm that grants the Megabyte punch, which is basically a rip-off of Captain Falcon’s FALCON PUNNCH!! from Super Smash Bros 64. I face palmed for quite some time when realizing how much easier the game would have been to beat had I had this ability the entire time.

I equipped my new arm, saved it in most of my character builds, did some awkward poses with fancy attire, and then headed right into tournament mode. Many obscure items can be obtained here after winning the tournament that eluded me in adventure mode. The tournament is basically Super Smash Brothers and up to four players can play. No online though, which was a buzzkill (pun). However, the mode is still fun and kept me entertained.

The development team had done a marvelous job. Kudos to them and if they follow up with an expansion of some kind, I will most certainly check it out!!

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Megabyte Punch Review: A Bit of Entertainment
Easily worth the money. Not a long game, but fun from beginning to end. You’ll find yourself fashioning your robot with different colours and parts for amusement while demolishing through levels and baddies. Though short, the hours one would put into this game are well spent.
The Good
  • Fun.
  • Easy controls.
  • Awesome character customization.
The Bad
  • Multiplayer is lacking greatly! Needs online.
9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (11 Votes)

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