Montague’s Mount is a strong, smart, and sophisticated game that is based on a true story. You are an injured man who awakens on a beach on a small island in Ireland.  You have no memory and no identity, you are just left with the pain of your injuries. You find a walking stick to become mobile and search for clues as to why you are there.  There is some hand holding throughout the game but not a lot, the onus is on you to untangle the mystery.

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Audio-video party.

On the path to find your identity, you stumble upon a crisis on this small island.  A sickness has spread and many are dying. Is anyone alive? Was a cure found? This is where Montague’s Mount gets interesting and you begin to unraveling the story through old notes and hidden clues in a dilapidated village. It takes place in the early 90′s but it has the feel and look of an older era.  The developers of this game boast that it is based on a true story. This is one of the reasons why I kept playing with peeked interest. Imagine being in this poor man’s shoes.. what a crazy thought.

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Shipwrecked and alone. What a horrible feeling.

The game isn’t easy on the eyes and I don’t mean this in a bad way. I absolutely loved the look and style of it. It is grainy, dark, sinister and murky.  Your injuries have you seeing through the eyes of someone with a severe concussion.  It plays in the first-person view with a point and click interface. The HUD is non-existent minus the inventory which can be hidden easily.

The sound of the water crashing on the beach is outstanding, even birds squawking or boards creaking is done with perfect detail.  The time and effort that went into the authenticity of the sound effects is admiral. Even when things pick up and there are high tension situations, the music matches the mood very well.  There are a few false alarms just to get the hairs on your neck up. The voice work is a top shelf effort, strong and well-delivered with a charming Irish accent with no signs of affectation. Who could ask for anything more of a narrator? Damn… my boring Canadian accent!

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The search for power continues.

Overall, Montague’s Mount has been getting a bad wrap. The big hit is on the puzzles themselves.  Challenging puzzles aren’t something to complain about. That is not my complaint but if a puzzle is just so obscure and strange, the vision gets lost. You will have to play it to truly understand my frustration.

There are definitely a few bugs that I ran into, some minor and some major. When looking at an item, the info would pop up with the name of the object, when clicking on the next item it would get stuck on the info from the previous item. The odd freeze up would occur but overall it was smooth sailing (no pun intended).  The major problem was with the bugs in puzzles games.  You could be stuck on a puzzle not due to the complexity but due to a coding issue that did not allow you to proceed.  This could almost make you shut it down and not restart it.

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Smart puzzles or just complicated fetch quests?

I can only imagine the amount of work that is thrown on the shoulders of small indie studios like Polypusher.  I will always back the underdog, but at the same time some bugs have to be rooted out before a game is released. I have been doing a slew of puzzle-style reviews as of late, each one different and unique in it’s own way. Montague’s Mount stands out in its own light, it’s gritty and edgy with an atmosphere that really pulled me in.

Montagues Mount Review Shallow Burried Secrets 1024x640 Montagues Mount Review: Puzzling?

Secrets are hidden everywhere.

The setting is eerie and darkly lit, yet I never found myself truly scared. I was never jumpy or worried, maybe these emotions left when I was stuck on a puzzle for an hour.  There were a few creepy points peppered throughout, just not enough of them.  Then again, how can I bitch about how creepy something when it’s based on true events.

I never felt like I was playing a game, I always felt as if I was watching a movie.

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Montague's Mount Review: Puzzling?
Montague's Mount is a great idea that is poorly delivered. The puzzles are not only frustrating but also not much fun. It has a great eerie feel with a smart story, and the fact that it is based on true events is something I have yet to personally come across in an indie game.
The Good
  • Gloomy atmosphere.
  • Music, sound effects, and voice work.
  • Engaging story and narrative.
The Bad
  • Overly complicated puzzles.
  • Frustrating items and backtracking.
  • Slow moving.
6Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)

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