If you are in the mood for a pirate puzzle adventure game then look no further. It sounds like a niche market doesn’t it?  Nightmares From The Deep (NFTD) is loaded with clever puzzles, beautiful graphics, and a strange yet creepy story with a healthy dash of humor.

Growing up in the world of PC gaming, I have many fond memories of games like MYST and Secret of Monkey Island. I’m not saying that NFTD is like the aforementioned, but I am saying that it is a slight tribute to them. NFTD plays like your standard point and click adventure game, but it throws a few tricks into the mix to keep it fresh.  One of these snazzy tricks is wrapped up in a Mahjong puzzle game.  If you’re familiar with Mahjong, you should have no problem and you will probably enjoy these puzzles. If on the other hand, you can’t stand Mahjong then you may be a little turned off, but be patient! The Mahjong puzzles are only a small part of the game.

Nightmares From The Deep Review Chemistry 101

Chemistry 101.

The meaty part of the experience is in the creative puzzle content. There are virtually puzzles at every turn. Some puzzles are similar in style while some are brilliantly unique. The development team sat down and really came up with some wild ideas for the puzzles. I even learned a little bit about chemistry and cooking.

The story blends very well with the interactive puzzles. The story is original and fun. I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but some things have to be mentioned (Spoiler Alert!). Your name is Sarah and she is the head of a museum. You are going to be opening up a huge pirate themed display. Your daughter is following in your footsteps and is there to help you in any way. The museum is about to make the news over a special mummified pirate that will be on display. You quickly find out that Davy Jones, an evil 300 year old bastard, will be brought back from the dead if you are bold enough to reassemble his magical relics. He will re-pay you by kidnapping your darling daughter. Your mission is no longer about opening the pirate display; it is to find your daughter before she is forever pulled into the depth of the undead. You must track her like a bloodhound.

Nightmares From The Deep Review A Undead Man's Chest

An undead man’s chest.

The graphics in this game are top notch. A good part of the story takes place on a ship that looks and the feels like it has been pulled from the depths of the sea. The ship’s wood is green and punky which gives an overall dead feeling, but the crustaceans and other underwater life fill the screen with colour and life.  There are also many shiny jewels and coins to find that will help you interact with puzzles.

Nightmares From The Deep Review My apron is on and ready to go.

My apron is on and ready to go.

The only negatives are that there are a small number of week voice acting moments peppered throughout the game. It’s a small gripe but it’s worth mentioning. As mentioned before (and you can see from the screen shots) that NFTD is a gorgeous looking game, but there are a few rough looking cut scenes that looked low resolution. Also, there are a few puzzles that were so obscure that they weren’t even fun, just frustrating, but there was only a few.

Nightmares From The Deep Review Well Hello Sailor

Well hello sailor!

That being said I had a great time and I recommend this to any puzzle nuts or dirty pirate zombie fanatics. I now have the urge to watch Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart Review
The Good
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Loads of puzzles.
  • Pirates, Ghosts, Grog.
The Bad
  • Some weak voice acting.
  • Rough looking cut scenes.
7.5Overall Score
Reader Rating: (2 Votes)