It’s spring time now and we here at Greenlit Gaming are out and smelling the flowers.  With every spring comes the start of baseball season, but as we all know, baseball is a fickle game.  Tough decisions need to be made by a general manager every day to make sure that your team is the best team you can field all while being financially stable as an organization.  There are many great general managers in the history of baseball and now Out of the Park Baseball 2014 gives you that opportunity to do the same.  This is your chance to build your dynasty.  Make the tough decisions, sign the big name player, and win championships.

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It’s not very often you’ll see me in a suit and tie.

You can start the game by taking control of your favourite team for the coming year, looking for a job, or managing some of the greatest teams in history by playing through any season from 1871 all the way up to the 2012 season.  Once you have selected your team, the game really picks up.  Anything a real general manager can do, you can do.  You want to change how much scouting you do internationally?  Of course there is a slider for that.  You can manage lineups against both left handed and right handed pitchers as well as if a designated hitter will be used.  Do you want to increase the amount of time your team wants to hit and run after the seventh inning in a game where you are trailing by 2 runs?  That is something you can tweak with this game.  The level of detail in this game is second to none.  Another great feature is being able to import your game from previous generations.  This allows you to continue on with your dream team all while having all of the latest features in the game.  As any general manager knows, you don’t have the same team for game one as you do for game one hundred and sixty two.  Injuries and poor play can put a lot of stress on a general manager.  Here is where you can search for free agents, and look for trades to help better your team.  Have some extra cash?  Look at trading for a big named power hitter, or find that shut down man for your bullpen.

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Players of young and old always seem to make their way to free agency.

Once all of your line ups are tweaked, you can then move into playing a game.  Even inside of the game you can see the amount of detail in the game.  Score boards, You select how your team will deal with each batter.  So if you are on the defensive side, you can select to walk a batter, pitch carefully to him, or pitch normally to him.  Once someone is on base, then there are additional strategies you can pick, such as attempting a pick off, or having the baseman hold the runner on.  You can also select how your defence plays out, such as having a shift being played for a certain batter or having your first and third basemen covering the lines to avoid the double down the line.  Now that’s just defence.  On offence you can have a player swing away, take a pitch, attempt a bunt for a hit, or swing away.  Once again, once a player gets on base it will open up many options such as stealing, and hit and run plays.  All while this happens, there is a live statistics log on the left side documenting the current pitcher vs. batter information.  Substitutions are as simple as anything can be.  You simply drag and drop a player into a position, or a pitcher into the bullpen to warm up.  With every play you can hear the cheers and the boos of the fans.  The sounds do become a bit repetitive at times, but it certainly adds so much more than it takes away.

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Play Ball!

There are two things I would change, if I was designing this game.  With all of this incredible information, it can seem like you never know where to start.  The addition of a tutorial mode would be very helpful in getting a rookie general manager the information he needs to start building a successful team.  The second thing I would be looking for is a licence from Major League Baseball to have the official team logos in the game.  I hate seeing my beloved Blue Jays with a blue circle and a batter in it as a logo.  I do understand that this is an indie game, and I’m sure licenses aren’t cheap, but I really don’t have a lot of bad things to say about this game.

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Out of the Park Baseball 2014 Review: A Grand Slam
Out of the Park Baseball 2014 creates a realistic experience of everything that it takes to be a general manager in Major League Baseball. With the amount of detail found in this game, you can find yourself playing for hours without even knowing it. Every baseball fan who wants to either know what a general manager does, or what they deal with on a daily basis should pick up this game.
The Good
  • Realistic baseball manager simulation.
  • More statistics than you can imagine.
  • Allows you to be as in depth or as bare bones as you would like.
The Bad
  • Lack of Tutorial.
  • No official logos.
  • Information overload the first few hours of game play.
9Overall Score
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  • Brad Cook

    Thanks for the review. There’s an All-In-One download that lets you easily import all the logos, player images, etc. It’s in Add-Ons Central.

    • Brian Smith

      Thanks for the comment. I didn’t dig too much into the Add-Ons Central, but it is good to see that you can add the correct logos. Something I will have to look into when I get home.