When the Greenlit Gaming crew and I went to PAX East in Boston the weekend of April 11th, we had the opportunity to play a tonne of indie games, and chat with their developers.  One game in particular caught my eye and that was Particle Mace.  We did play a pre-alpha build but you couldn’t tell at all.  The game was very well designed.  It’s one of those games that seems so simple when you first see it but when you get down to it, but once you get your hands on the controller it turns into a complex physics based battle royal.

Particle Mace Preview - 4 players

4 player fun for all

Duncan, a streamer here for Greenlit Gaming, and I had the oppruntunity to play the game while chatting with the developer and it was a four player battle royal of pure chaos and fun.  You control one of the ten possible ships, all with their own attriutes, that have a large mace tied to the back of it.  The object of the game is to get the mace moving and shit an opponent’s ship.  Seems simple enough but once you realize that there are asteroids and the possibility of a changing world around you, it creates a fast twitch game that brings back old memories of video games of old.

Particle Mace Preview - 4 players

Where do you stack up at the end of the day

During game play it felt so fresh and new.  It’s a game I feel like I’ve never played before, plus being able to play up to four people locally creates a very fun gaming experience.  Don’t let the art fool you, the controls are very sharp and pristine.  I’m excited to see what Particle Mace has in store for us in the future.

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