If you were born in the 80′s, you’ve likely played one of these Super Sprint arcade cabinets. If you haven’t been graced with Super Sprint’s presence  you still have a chance to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home! Playstos Entertainment brings you Real World Racing, a full featured top down arcade style racing game.

Real world racing takes a very oldschool style of gameplay and adds a very modern twist to it. The classic top down viewing angle is complimented by beautiful backdrops. If you don’t have your driver’s license yet, or you just want to drag the rear end around a corner at high speed, now you can. Those backgrounds and roads are actually HD satellite images of real places that are doctored up to like road racing courses. It’s basically like driving around in google maps. There’s no word on what roads will be used within the game, but it’s possible that road courses like Grand Prix of Long Beach or Monaco Grand Prix will be used, though not likely by their official name. What I would really love to see are some of the roads that Top Gear have taken supercars  to shoot their program. The possibilities of this game are roughly the size of the earth.

Real World Racing preview 1024x576 Real World Racing Preview

It’s like watching a high definition google maps.

Real World Racing also features 80 different cars, many faithful recreations of existing models, which will give you lots of options for tackling the fastest lap. There are weather effects, as well as day and night races. There will be a full single player career mode, for you to hone your driving ability, and adding to replayability are special challenges, and 16 player online multiplayer. Real world racing takes the the charm of the retro and adds a modern day spin to create a picture perfect experience.

0 Real World Racing Preview

  • High resolution aerial photographic images
  • 3D Terrain Enhancements
  • Stunning ambient effects
  • Faithfully modeled car parameters 
  • Realistic physics simulation
  • Full-fledged career mode 
  • Online multiplayer up to 16 players 
  • Special challenges
  • 80 different cars 
  • 50+ tracks in world-famous cities 
  • Weather effects 
  • Tons of unlockables

Real World Racing needs your votes! Take the racing off the track and back onto the streets by heading to Real World Racing’s Steam Greenlight Page and giving them your thumbs up! There’s also a Open Beta currently available to everyone interested in the game, so check it out at http://www.realworldracing.com/.

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