Before we receive Reddit comments that try to soil on my posts, let me acknowledge that I am well aware that RimWorld has already been greenlit. So why preview? Because for the first time since 1999 (SimCity 3000) I feel that the city builder/sandbox-style game can make a splash again, particularly in the Greenlight community.

RimWorld 2 1024x640 RimWorld: They Need Their Space

JP sleeping on the job… as per usual.

Our Editor-in-Chief approached me with this game because he knows I lust for an innovative title in this genre. While I was not quite stricken with awe or dazzled by fancy graphics, the game seems to have some incredibly clever design. In fact, I think it would be disrespectful to compare RimWorld to a meaningless sandbox-style games such as …oh I don’t know… the new SimCity.

The concept is simple enough. Three blokes become stranded on a space rock and need to rebuild. Construct buildings, extract resources, research things to better the colony, and cap aliens causing a ruckus in your neighbourhood. You can then capture intruders to expand your population and assign various tasks and careers. However, the game offers more than a basic galactic pioneer quest. Emotions of characters come into play and the way in which you survey and design the area has an effect on your colony.  Much emphasis has been put on the AI storyteller that dictates what type of events will occur that may alter the way to construct and organize your town in the stars.

I am addicted to these types of games and very much looking forward to this release. It’s only a matter of time before developer Tynan Sylvester bestows me with this gem. I would not go as far to say I’m Fording or Sheening all over RimWorld but the indie community can be certain that I will be the first in line to give a very comprehensive playthrough and review.

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