Welcome back! If it seems like it was only a few weeks ago that I was talking to you about a game called Rogue Legacy, that might be because I was. As you may or may not know, I did a preview for Rogue Legacy after the Steam community already gave it the love it needed to be greenlit. So here I am, back again to talk about Rogue Legacy in more detail since it’s launching today! That’s right you can grab it on Steam as of right now. Needless to say it makes me extremely happy that it got greenlit already because that means you can buy it and enjoy the full game rather than just the demo, which I have played over and over as I’m sure you all have.

Rogue Legacy Review King slayings 1024x637 Rogue Legacy Review: The Tale of a King and His Heirs

King, watch out behind you!!!!

Rogue Legacy starts off with you seeing an attempted assassination of the king. You are his heir and thus looking to find a cure for your father’s ailment. You find yourself in a castle that is populated by some of the most devious fiends you have ever faced. Not only is this castle full of monsters but also traps and challenges that are here to test your strength of will. As you progress through the game you will find that you die a lot, that’s where the legacy part comes in. You are quite the fertile family if I do say so myself. When you die your offspring rushes in to continue your quest. The problem is you die in the castle and thus don’t get a chance to tell your offspring where you have looked or what parts are too dangerous to search. Cellar Door Games has solved this issue by making the castle procedurally generated, so you actually have no idea where you are going each time you enter.

One of the reasons I really enjoyed Rogue Legacy is the humor.  For instance, when you pick a new heir they can have some very silly traits like, Tourette Syndrome, I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), or even just being bald. Those are only a few examples as well there are a lot that I haven’t even tried out yet to see what they do. Some of them are just for the humor but others actually affect the game itself, like colour blindness. The whole game becomes black and white and makes it very hard to distinguish some enemies. There is also other ones like near and far sightedness that make things blurry when they are either too close or too far away. So not only are the traits you can have each generation funny, but they may actually affect your gameplay.

Rogue Legacy Review Humour in offspring 1024x655 Rogue Legacy Review: The Tale of a King and His Heirs

Tourettes and two left hands? %#$&!

Traits aren’t the only things that affect your game. You can also spend the money you earn in the castle to build up your own fortress which unlocks some pretty cool stuff. You start with your basic stuff like health upgrades and a blacksmith. The blacksmith can make all manner of upgrades for your character, as long as you provide the blue prints and the funding. Once you have enough scratch saved up you can unlock new classes for your heroes to be, such as mage, barbarian, and even a shinobi! Your castle acts as your skill page in most RPGs. Except that each skill you purchase for cash will raise your level. If you want to unlock everything be prepared to die a lot and spend a lot of time playing.

Rogue Legacy Review Castle Upgrades 1024x654 Rogue Legacy Review: The Tale of a King and His Heirs

Hmmm to unlock a new class or upgrade my damage…

One of the other things you can unlock from the upgrade screen is an engineer. The reason this is important is that he has a very unique ability, he can stop the castle from changing between characters; however you have to pay the price if you want the same castle you remember. It costs you 50% of the gold you earn on your next run of the castle which could be a lot or it could be nothing at all. I personally haven’t used this ability yet as I like the random room generation and exploring new areas over seeing the same level every time, but I can see where you may want to use it if there are a bunch of secrets you can only get to if you are playing a certain class or have a certain trait. So the engineer could play a large role in you unlocking all the blue prints for the blacksmith later in the game as the blueprints are found in special chests around the castle.

Speaking of upgrades, you may want to seriously consider finding as many blue prints as you can as you will need all the help you can get to fight off the bosses that are located around the castle. What game isn’t complete without a good ol’ boss fight right? I’ve only fought one of them so far and he definitely kicked my ass thoroughly the first few times, it wasn’t until I had a bunch of upgrades that I was able to defeat him. Once you kill a boss you may notice that a seal in the first room of the castle is now coloured in on a big golden door. This may be a hint that you need to defeat all the bosses to unlock this door and find out what is inside.

Rogue Legacy Review Challenge Chest 1024x630 Rogue Legacy Review: The Tale of a King and His Heirs

Fire and spikes? My two least favourite things, at this point in time.

As you locate these boss fights you will undoubtedly stumble upon some rooms full of traps, they could just be traps in general or they could be a room that has a special chest in it and a requirement that you need to meet if you want to open said chest. Some of these rooms take speed and others agility. All I know is that they are very difficult to get and require a lot of timing and patience. If that isn’t your cup of tea then you can just keep playing the rest of the game and you will eventually come across some of these challenge quests that are much easier to attain and thus you can still get all the item upgrades and enchantments.

Rogue Legacy Review Challenge Chest Reward 1024x632 Rogue Legacy Review: The Tale of a King and His Heirs

Take that enemies give me my upgrade!

The other things you may find as you traverse the castle are shrines and altars, some of which can give you benefits and others which can curse you. I’m not sure if I’m missing it when I play, but these don’t seem to be described anywhere. One time I got a ring from a statue and I still have no idea what it did for me, I died it’s gone. What did it do? No idea. Another time I got  a curse, again I wasn’t sure what that did until I got hit by an enemy, once that happened it was fairly self explanatory as my money spilled out from me in every direction.  So there are some things in the game that leave you a little confused at times but it definitely doesn’t take away from the enjoyment.

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Rogue Legacy Review: The Tale of a King and His Heirs
I was super excited about Rogue Legacy when I saw it on steam back in February, and I’m still super excited about it now. I've played the demo for probably 10+ hours, and I picked up the actual game and I've already logged a significant amount of time in there as well. Even with a few things I would like to see changed or improved the game itself is a lot of fun and it is definitely a game that you should pick up because I know you will enjoy it.
The Good
  • Procedurally generated dungeons
  • Great upgrade system
  • Puzzles are challenging
The Bad
  • Puzzles may be too difficult for some players
  • Some buffs/curses are very ambiguous
9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (0 Votes)

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  • xaviermacx

    Great review. I agree with almost everything 100%, although I wouldn’t include the difficulty as a negative at all. These games are definitely not made for mass consumption.

    • Mr. Bevers

      Thanks for the compliment Xaviermacx. As a fairly casual gamer myself (though I do play a lot of games). I put the difficulty as a negative because some people may not get the enjoyment out of it due to not being able to reach any of the upgrades.

      • Wade Wilson

        Well, roguelikes or a rogue-lite, as the devs call their game, pretty much require a certain difficulty. They are usually pretty short so without the difficulty Rogue Legacy could probably be finished in about an hour or so. Also, generally speaking, the target group of roguelikes are people that like hard games.
        Other than that, great review!

  • Bakakyo

    Hey guys.
    Just wanted to say that this review convinced me to buy the game and im not disapointed. I died too many times and I lost count, but the game is fucking awesome.
    Keep it up!

    • Stephen Bailey

      We’re all super glad we could help with your decision! Keep the comments coming, we love getting feedback (positive or negative)!