Well, it’s obvious from the title what Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike is roughly about. Everyone has heard the expression; picture says a thousand words.  Based on this game, this statement could not be truer.

Rogue Shooter doesn’t play like your modern shooter nor it does it play like a last gen shooter, or even a last, last, last gen shooter. It plays like something well before Y2K. This was the looks and feel they were going for, and they nailed it bang on.

Graphically speaking, Rogue Shooter is not a pretty game by any means.  It is actually painstakingly accurate to throwback shooters. Some love definitely went into each brightly detailed sprite.

Rogue Shooter Review

Uglies, uglies everywhere.

One major pro to Rogue Shooter is the levelling system. There are benches and tool stations that you can use to upgrade your weapons and armor and also to repair them. There are logs to find and mini games to play which can help you break away from the sometimes repetitive play.

There is a good line up of alien bad-asses to blow away. They’re creative and strange looking in design but I found that they came in waves and often funneled into a line. This helps make every shot work, but strategy isn’t a favorable component of Rogue Shooter (sad but true).

The game is tedious. There is always a balance of broken weapons and armor, lack of ammo and money. No money, no ammo, and no health. The kicker is as always that when you die you are dead, unless you load up a previous save.  If the save you load up has you snookered, then you basically have to start from scratch and try a different strategy. Each level is random soooooo… even on the easier settings Rogue Shooter is a major challenge.

Rogue Shooter Review

Whats on the space menu for this evening?

The weapons are of the classic variety of a space shooter and designed well enough but you are limited to holding only 2 at any time in your inventory system. The aiming system is classic doom/Wolfenstein 3D, you line it up and fire. There is no headshot sharp-shooting action at all. Believe me, every bullet counts, so use them wisely. One thing that is very tough to master (but comes in handy) is grenades. Timing is everything and with a lack of depth perception you will know what I mean.

The controls are solid overall and respond well. They are of the keyboard and mouse variety, which makes sense with the style of game they were going for. I still wish they had attempted a port to a controller. It’s really hard going back to the basics but the good news is you can map your keys.

Rogue Shooter Review

Look at that view.

The backgrounds are bland and repetitive and often don’t jive with the layout of the levels. This is due to the fact that the levels are randomly generated. I like the idea that every time you play the game it will be a new experience but the randomization gives no sense of reality. The layouts make no sense and lead to confusion where you will find that you have “painted yourself into a corner” over and over again.

As for sounds effects, they are often corny and loud. The music is just plain bad and very annoying after a few minutes of play. Again they were going for the classic feel, washed out PC speaker blips and all. So give more love than hate my friends. She ain’t easy but she’s fun and worth the long drive.

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Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike Review
No walls are being broken down here and the story is near nonexistent. If you are a fan of the Roguelike craze and simplistic looking FPS then Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike is the one for you.
The Good
  • Cool upgrade system.
  • Stylized retro graphics.
  • Creative enemies.
The Bad
  • Bland levels.
  • Zero story.
  • Rigid gameplay.
7Overall Score
Reader Rating: (7 Votes)