Rush Bros., developed by XLYA Entertainment is a platform-based game that lets the player control how each level reacts all by changing music. The game is unique because of the intelligence behind how each moving object is able to change scenarios simply by the beat of the music.

Simply put, the background artwork is beautiful. It adds a great touch to a game that under-delivers in the gameplay department. Each level has a unique touch of a different background that dazzles the player. Had the game not included such beautiful artwork I don’t believe it would have been greenlit.

Rush Bros Review - Artwork

Playing the game was challenging but it’s not the difficulty; I believe that the game is not meant to be played on a computer. It’s a simple platformer when playing solo; while jumping around from object to object is fun, the game lacks story and purpose. This is why it is not a great fit for Steam. We have been privileged to see games be Greenlit that have beautiful stories that really allow the player to immerse themselves into the game itself. Rush Bros. does not do this, it leaves the user wanting. While Steam may not have been the best place to house this game, I believe it is a perfect game for iOS or Android devices. If you have time to kill and want to play a great game then Rush Bros. on your iPhone would be perfect, beat the level in the fastest time against other Gamecenter players from around the world, but unfortunately the game is not available on your mobile device.

Rush Bros Review - Speed

The multiplayer aspect of the game is by far the best part; it adds purpose to an otherwise mediocre game. Being able to race against another person is fun, especially when you add in the crazy techno-dance party that this game provides. If you are having a house party, just leave the game on the first level and party your face off while wowing your friends with tunes they’ve probably never heard before. Getting back to the multiplayer, the game allows you to race against a friend in a split-screen view is both fun and competitive. But how many times can you race against another person before it becomes repetitive. The graphics aren’t especially inviting to allow hours of fun (not the backgrounds which as mentioned above are incredible).

Rush Bros Review - Gameplay

I would have liked to see a story or career mode incorporated into this game to really give it that great touch. If you take a game like Guitar Hero for instance, the devs understood that playing guitar over and over again would have been pointless, so they incorporated a career mode where you became part of a band and unlocked songs and achievements. Rush Bros simply opens up every level and says “go play.” Even classic racing games like Mario Kart didn’t allow players to race on every track or use every character; you had to achieve something in order to alter the  gameplay. If Rush Bros. wants to be considered a legit platform/racing game, they needed to incorporate some sort of reward system in the game that goes beyond posting a best time, perhaps we will see this in a sequel.

Rush Bros Review - Big Blox

Even the alterations in Rush Bros. are just given to you. The player has the option to turn on “fast-forward” in order to make the level that much faster. So not only do you have the option to speed up in a time-trial style game, but it creates a rather unpleasant environment. The gameplay itself isn’t very smooth and it’s like the devs turned the difficulty up from easy to extreme with one checkmark.

Rush Bros Review: Beat That Beat Up
Rush Bros. incorporates a great soundtrack and great background artwork into a mediocre platform/racing game. The multiplayer aspect of the game, along with the background art, are the games redeeming qualities. Unfortunately, it isn’t a game to be played all by your lonesome, without a friend or online capabilities Rush Bros. is simply just a platformer without purpose. If you are looking for a racing game then look somewhere else. If you enjoy techno and some decent multiplayer fun than pick up Rush Bros. in the Steam store for $9.99.
The Good
  • Great soundtrack
  • Beautiful backgrounds
  • Multiplayer is fun
The Bad
  • Cheesy character and object graphics
  • Gets old fast
  • Should be a mobile game
5Overall Score
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