Do you remember the days when you went to an arcade after school at 3pm and spent all of your birthday money and allowence on that one addictive game? Well, I don’t, because I didn’t live near an arcade. However, after previewing Saviors, I’m sure I would have reminisced about that had I gone to arcades as a toddler or single guy in his 30′s.

Saviors is a top-down shmup. Yes, I have seen as many of these as you and your dads have, but this one is different. It is to be well noted and observed that a game of this particular style is very difficult to innovate. What else can be added? For the most part, these types of games fall under the category of ‘is what it is’. Sharpened Edge Studios wasn’t satisfied with that however, and have done their best to innovate on this classic genre with customizable ship design and co-op multiplayer.

Saviors ss1 1024x640 Saviors Preview

Blasting your way through Saviors is intense.

So why do I think it is cool? For starters, blowing stuff to bits endlessly and receiving rewards in doing so is always quite satisfying. What makes that more fun is being able to do that in different games modes and scenarios. I always found that these types of games were merely “I want to beat my own score and I’m not doing my math homework until I do!” And you simply repeat the same mind numbing process over and over until you evidently have to repeat the course next semester. Subsequently, the games become frustratingly addicting.

Most shmups simply obide by the process of addons with progression. Savior offers different boss fights, weapons, obstacles, and customizations. Offering a wide ranged experience with flattering graphics to dazzle but not overly distract the eye is what this genre needed. The game also becomes expectedly more difficult and more intense with progression. Having said that, the games structure still continuously offers challenge and change.

Give Saviors a thumbs up on Steam Greenlight so I can get the high score and focus on my math homework!

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