This is dedicated to everyone who thinks history is dull, boring, and a waste of time.

Second Chance Heroes developed by Rocket City Studios will kick you in the face with action, comedy, and just plain awesomeness; you should have paid attention in you history classes. Sure it’s a little fantastical, but why wouldn’t it be? With movies like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter being produced on this planet, why shouldn’t historical figures be given an edgy side?

The game revolves around historical figures kicking ass across a beautifully designed map. The game looks unbelievable and the gameplay is much of the same. You have Abraham Lincoln, the chainsaw swinging President, Queen Elizabeth, who doesn’t need anybody saving her other than the minigun she wields, Joan of Arc, swinging her sword and cutting through monsters like butter, and finally, Napoleon Bonaparte riding around on a cannon, blowing zombies away before anybody can call him small.

Second Chance Heroes - Chainsaw time

Abraham Lincoln knows how to mow down zombies!

The game itself is a lot of fun. I would play with a controller for maximum playability, but riding with a keyboard and mouse will work just fine. The goal of the game is to progress through stages defeating monsters and completing goals along the way. One of the best features that I cannot wait to try is the ability to play it multiplayer (I had to fly solo for this one). Up to four players can connect through the lobby and tear through monsters in the greatest tag-team matchup this side of the Renaissance.

Rocket City Studios have a scheduled release of up to 12 playable characters. Apart from the original four characters, they also revealed that Blackbeard, Nikola Tesla, and Julius Caesar have been added to the game. How will you find out about the remaining 5? They often post hints on their social media channels!

Second Chance Heroes - Mulligans Men

Damn, these guys are tough!

The environments in Second Chance Heroes change seamlessly and the gameplay is smooth. The only beef I have would be that I feel that they have to to tone down the difficulty in the inital levels, but it isn’t that big of a deal. The devs have done a fantastic job thus far and the final product should reek of brilliance. I’m not blowing smoke about this one folks, if you haven’t already voted for it on Greenlight, please do so immediately. Games like these do not come around very often and this is definitely something that the world needs to enjoy.

So if you want to play a kick-ass game that beautifully intertwines intensity and history, vote for Second Chance Heroes on Greenlight and have fun mowing down monsters with the people you’ve studied for years!