SpyLeaks is a puzzle game designed by HeartBit Interactive which tosses you into the life of a spy attempting to infiltrate a criminal organization.

Playing as a nimble spy, you attempt to obtain information in regards to a theft at a museum but you learn quickly that there is much more to the story than just a missing masterpiece.  You begin SpyLeaks by venturing through a classic two-dimensional puzzle game that has you moving through the rooms and avoiding obstacles such as guards and rocket launchers. The overall goal is to reach the computer that contains the information that you are so eager to acquire. What’s interesting about the process of obtaining this information from computer is that you don’t just simply plug in your USB key and copy the data. Nope, that’s too easy. SpyLeaks has you flying through the air in 1942-inspired shoot’em up, defeating minions as they barrel towards you.  Once you obtain the information, its time for your escape. You are placed long hallway with obstacles in your path, and now you need to get out of there as soon as possible.  Using trial and error and a bit of luck, you can make it through and proceed to the next level.

Sneakin' around

You have to be both sneaky and clever to be a successful spy.

SpyLeaks definitely requires some planning and strategy if you plan on getting out alive. Being able to maneuver objects to be in just the right area is a tough task to master, and requires you to be smooth on the controls, especially in tight quarters. While playing Spyleaks, you have think hard about all the environmental factors in any given stage, as the not-so-obvious strategies to the game’s puzzles are often much more successful than the obvious ones that appear to be placed right in front of you. Multiple game types also bring a lot of variety to the game play, which is always a welcomed addition. With its retro look, sound, and gameplay, SpyLeaks can really bring you back to the good ol’ days of retro puzzle gaming. It brings the best of retro and puzzle gaming together beautifully.


  • 25 brain-shacking puzzle levels,
  • 5 pure action shoot’em up section,
  • 5 mad races against the clock,
  • an intriguing spy story with amazing cut-scenes,
  • a superb old-school graphic and
  • an original soundtrack.

SpyLeaks still needs to sneak through Steam Greenlight, so head on over to their page and toss a vote their way!