Tackling Joker Wild video poker on a netbook

A few days ago, I tested our notebook’s online gaming power on Ghost Pirates, a slot game with intense graphics. Today’s test was a bit different – I wanted to see how the notebook would handle a 25-line video poker game. I chose to go with Joker Wild, which comes from the Net Entertainment casino platform. I had a bit of a scare when the game first loaded, but once I figured out how to sort out the problem, it performed admirably.

I headed over to Tower Casino where I knew I could play the game for free. The game launched in a new window, but to my surprise, it didn’t quite fit on my screen. I could still play, the buttons were cut off at the bottom, and things just didn’t look tidy. Then I remembered a shortcut in Windows that makes things go full-screen – it’s the F11 key at the top of the keyboard. Once I hit this, the window expanded and the game fit perfectly.

Overall I was quite impressed with the performance of Joker Wild on my netbook. It’s a great video poker game, offering useful features like auto-hold, plus a gamble option that lets players go double-or-nothing after each win. Five bet levels and a huge range of coin sizes helps the game fit into any player’s budget. Play the game free on our site ukcasinoonline.net, or head over to UK Casino and sign up to win real money with Joker Wild today!