If Paper Mario, Earthworm Jim, Psychonauts , Beetlejuice and Bionic Commando had a gangbang this would be the result. A splendid milkshake of craziness and fun. 

Stick It To The Man stars the bumbling lovable Ray. Ray is just your average schmuck who is trying to make an honest buck. On his way to work, he is struck on the head and is knocked out by a piece of precious cargo. Upon his awakening, he quickly realizes that nothing will be the same in his life unless he finds out why there is a giant pink spaghetti arm growing out of his head. The good news is that only he can see it, the bad news is he doesn’t know why it’s there. With a pink spaghetti arm comes great responsibility (as you didn’t guess), and with great responsibility comes great power; pink spaghetti arm power.

Stick It To The Man Review Heading Home 1024x576 Stick It To The Man Review: Think Pink

It’s a long way home.

Your powers are literally out of this world. You’ll have to use your powers to their fullest potential to solve the mystery of why you have them and why it seem like the whole world is after you. Have you lost your mind? Is this all in your head? Is it paranoia? Well, you’ll have to keep playing to find out. The game is very story driven, and as such, I definitely don’t want to drop any spoilers. Its a story that you should experience yourself.

Stick It To The Man Review Feet Dont Fail Me Now 1024x576 Stick It To The Man Review: Think Pink

Feet don’t fail me now.

At a glance, Stick It To The Man is a platformer with some puzzle action but what separates it from the rest is that wacky pink arm on your head. The gameplay feels so natural that you’ll find yourself ripping around like spiderman within about 20 minutes or so. This is partially due to the training mission that is subtly built into the dream sequence intro story. Your new arm is not only an extension of your body (pun intended) that can whisk you from platform to platform, it also grants you the ability to read minds.

Through your mind reading, you will find out ways to solve puzzles and how to help people who are in despair. You may be helping people that are down and out but ultimately will help you to get closer to unraveling the elephant in the room. The puzzles are fun and creative. They are smart enough to keep you occupied for a fair amount of time without it feeling like busy work  but not obscure enough to ruin the experience.

Stick It To The Man Review Bath Salts 1024x480 Stick It To The Man Review: Think Pink

Bath salts hungry.

Stick it to the man lends from so many games like Little Big Planet even Leisure Suit Larry as well as the games mentioned at the beginning of this review, yet it feels original and sparkling fresh. The graphics are one of the best selling features of SITTM but even a blind man would fall in love with the dialog and musical score. I enjoyed watching it as much as I did playing it. The sound effects are smart and are crafted specifically for this bizarre world.

The comedy and humor is endless and the basis of Stick It To The Man. It is truly built into the foundation of the game. I ended up enjoying the silly dialog and humor more than the artwork. That says a lot as it is truly a masterpiece to look at from beginning to end. To be honest, I did find myself rolling my eyes at the cheesiness of the jokes, but they are delightful as a whole. Some very funny but twisted people sat down and thought about the story and the characters (probably over a few drinks).

Stick It To The Man Review Grave Danger 1024x576 Stick It To The Man Review: Think Pink

Grave Danger Everywhere.

The development effort put into this game was top notch, and it succeeds in all aspects. This review did not feel like work at all, I enjoyed every part of it and I think young (well, not too young) and old will too. I hope Stick It To The Man becomes successful enough to be granted sequel or even possible spin offs.

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Stick It To The Man Review: Think Pink
Stick It To The Man is the complete package. It has the artwork, story, characters and an audio score that will have you wrapped up in this strange fun world. I think you will have as much of a blast playing Stick It To The Man as I did. It is worth every penny.
The Good
  • Stunning graphics and beautiful world.
  • Clever story and memorable characters.
  • The controls are spot on.
The Bad
  • Show it off to your friends replay value.
9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (5 Votes)