Once upon a time and many moons ago, there was a magical wagon drawn by a beautiful unicorn. The wagon contained a party of violent pioneers who gunned down many herds of buffalo, ate magic mushrooms and fought their inner demons, literally. They journeyed into space where they contracted space rabies and died a horrible death…. This was my third play through. WTF….

Does Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (SAWA) borrow from Organ Trail? Why yes, it does. Did Hunter S. Thompson help develop this game? No, but I’d almost believe it if you told me. So, in a nut shell, it’s weird.

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Review Mushrooms 1024x672 Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Review: Super Happy Fun Time  Awesome!

A good old fashion mushroom party.

SAWA isn’t a graphical wonder, nor is it made to be. It is going for the straight up retro look which is blatantly obvious. The Commodore 64 graphics are blocky and laughable but are bang-on for its delivery. The sound effects and music are standard issue for a throwback game of this type and style.  They are not standout but they add to the authentic experience of the game which is delivered perfectly.

When you sit down and play a game of SAWA, it could be as short as three minutes, or as long as thirty minutes. A small percentage of the game is luck and power ups and majority of your success depends on the skill level of the player. So, with some practice and trial and error, in theory you’ll get the hang of it in no time. If you exploit the commodore 64 A.I., you should be able to muddle through most scenarios unscathed.

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Review Demons 1024x669 Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Review: Super Happy Fun Time  Awesome!

Enter the madness.

The game play is a mix of a few different concepts. There is the text adventure side of the game which allows you to pick your routes and basically chose your own adventure. There is also the “top down exploration/shoot everything that moves” aspect. But, the “meat” of the game is the side scrolling shooter wagon action and the most fun overall.

If you enjoy killing and shooting stuff then this game is for you. Kill bandits, buffalo, skunks and deer (just to name a few) to your hearts content.  All this becomes easier with the temporary weapon upgrades that are dropped periodically. These upgrades will turn your main weapon into more powerful killing tools like the shotgun or machine gun. There are also other strange power ups that call in air strikes to carpet bomb the screen (why not?). There are also the traditional med kits for health recovery, and you’ll want to grab every one of these you can. When your party of four dwindles to one, your days will be numbered and your adventure will be over soon after.

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Review I Need A Medic 1024x662 Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Review: Super Happy Fun Time  Awesome!

The one and only time I don’t need a med-kit.

Another key point that I want to mention, is the hidden dangers. They come in different forms of sickness and other various diseases like the forementioned space rabies. So, if you’re not getting cut down by bad guys you are constantly hindered by acts of god.

The currency system is a hoot too. Instead of using the usual “gold coins” system, SAWA decided to go with animal pelts. Shoot an animal from a distance and run over the carcass to pick up the hide. Spend your pelts wisely as everything in the new frontier is as expensive as hell. I just wish you could shoot people and collect their pelts, maybe in a sequel?

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Review Picking Jerks 1024x602 Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Review: Super Happy Fun Time  Awesome!

A Ragtag Band Of Survivors.

In one sitting, your adventure could be over as quickly as an action packed three minutes (or less) or you may get a full 30 minutes of play. This may not sound promising or perhaps grim, but each play through is a different unique experience with some of the strangest tongue in cheek scenarios you may ever see in this style of game.

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Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Review: Super Happy Fun Time Awesome!
I really enjoyed Super Amazing Wagon Adventure. It is well put together and is fun and hilarious. You’ll play through it a number of times with varying results. Ultimately, it can be frustrating at times and you may end up only playing this for a few days here and there, but the times you do play will be worth every penny. Turn off your brain and turn up the fun.
The Good
  • Twisted nostalgia.
  • Hilarious premise.
  • Mind bending missions.
The Bad
  • Replay value fluctuates.
  • Confusing at times.
7.5Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)