It has been a little over a week since greenlit game Towns was released on STEAM, and the developer, Xavi Canal, has issued a statement in regards to the game’s current condition.

He wrote;

In the past week we talked with the Valve staff and we will include a statement in the Towns store page. It will be something like this: “Towns is continually being developed and updated to bring you the best experience possible!”.

Let me apologize to all of you that were annoyed because of our release, we try our best and we will not (of course not) give up the game.

It has been a very rocky start for what has so far been Greenlight’s biggest release. The game has received a lot of negative feedback due to the fact that appears to be more of a beta than an actual full release. And while our review of Towns wasn’t exactly filled with praise, we definitely approve of the developer’s decision to try to make the situation right. Although the statement they have added is fairly ambiguous, it would have been a lot easier to just stay silent and wait until the mobs settled. We understand the challenges that independent developers face, and appreciate the hard work and passion that they put into their games. Unfortunately however, that doesn’t excuse releasing an unfinished product to the STEAM community. Players give you their hard earned dollars in return for what they have been made to believe is a complete, fully functioning game… only to later discover that it isn’t. That isn’t right.

towns storepage Towns Developer Apologizes to Players; Adds Disclaimer to STEAM Store Page

A statement (underlined) has been added to the Towns STEAM store to clarify the game’s current condition. A demo has also been added to the page.

It important that trust be established between developers and the gaming community, and while the initial release of Towns may have upset a large number of gamers, the developer’s willingness to speak on the issue is a step in the right direction. Towns certainly does have the potential to be a great game, and we hope that they continue to develop it so that potential is fully realized.


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