Vector by international developer Nekki has begun its quest to get on Steam, and they need your help to do it! Vector is a fast paced arcade-style platformer that puts you in the shoes of a cubicle worker who breaks free of his chains to escape onto the rooftops of an urban city.

Starting with an incredibly intense cut scene, you realize that this life is a lie; You crave more than being told what to do at a tiny desk next to thousands of other people. You crack. You tear off your headset and make a break for it.  This leads you to a fast paced chase across an urban landscape as you are hunted down by oppressive correctional officers. You desperately run, jump and climb your way over the terrain in an fight to avoid being caught.

Each stage has bonuses to collect and tricks to perform as you somersault across the sky. You unlock stunning acrobatic tricks with the cash you earn while playing the game. As you run the myriad of obstacles, you will need to perfectly time your jumps and slides, because if you don’t, you’ll fall right back into the hands of society.  The officers chasing you keep a fear of being caught ever present in your mind, which causes you to frantically hurdle the obstacles as fast as possible. Vector is an intense sprint from start to finish.

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Nekki has done a wonderful job making Vector easy to play yet difficult to master. The movement is so fluid that every jump and slide almost makes you feel like you are indeed a parkour master. Vector also adds several great ideas to the traditional platform-runner style of arcade games, in that you can now perform acrobatic tricks that not only look cool but feel awesome to execute. The fear of being caught makes the speed of the game seem incredibly fast as you are always trying to stay one step ahead of your pursuer. Vector is quite simply a game that we must have in our Steam libraries.

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  • Fluid lifelike animations
  • Intense free-running gameplay
  • 50+ challenging game levels

Vector is a fast-paced adventure that needs your help to jump this barrier and escape onto Steam, so head on over to Steam Greenlight and give Vector a thumbs up!

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