I recently got to sit down with Sergey Zatinshikov of Gaijin Entertainment to ask a few questions about their recently Greenlit Free to Play WWII game, War Thunder. Being developers from Russia, their English is better than my Russian, so Sergey was kind enough to translate his answers for us!

War Thunder Interview Cockpit 1024x576 War Thunder Interview

GLG: Free to Play games have the stigma that you have to ‘pay to win’. Has there been consideration put into the gameplay balance between those that will not put any money into the game against those that will spend quite a bit?

In our game you can buy some additional services only, but not the win button. You can buy accelerated levelling up, but it is a skill based game and aircraft of any level can kill aircraft up to 10 levels higher. Premium Aircraft are mostly trophies or rented planes, you can level up to them for free in branches of other countries.

War Thunder Interview Divebomb 300x168 War Thunder InterviewGLG: How do the different planes differ? Does Biplane or single wing make a difference in the plane’s handling? Does one help over the other with maneuvering when in combat? How does this affect the tactics from one plane to the next?

All our planes have their real characteristics, so you can feel the differences of each aircraft (even if you compare one biplane with another and so on).

GLG: How does one progress through the game? What sorts of upgrades are available for the planes and players?

The player gains experience to gain access to the various aircraft. The player flies a plane

and gets access to modifications, such as replacing the engine, better fuel etc. The player flies with a certain crew, the crew levels up and the player can improve their skills, such as increasing the view angle, repair rate and so on. 

War Thunder Interview Explosion 300x168 War Thunder InterviewGLG: War Thunder is currently in Open Beta and has only Planes available. I’ve read that the next major update will have playable ground units. When the game is finally ‘done’, what will be the scope of the game? How many different types of units will be able to be used, and how will they all interact on the battlefield?

Yes, that’s true about ground units. It will not happen during the next major update, but it will a bit later. We work hard to make sure our players who will play tanks or ships are fully involved into being participants of the battle and have fun playing.

GLG: The maps I’ve played on are expansive and beautiful, and even though I’m not an expert, nor have I been to any part of Europe outside of the U.K., the areas look quite authentic. Are these maps based off of real life places? How closely linked are they to their real life counterparts?

We have two types of maps: historical and arcade. In historical  maps we fully recreated over 20 different scenes of battles, using chronicles, photographs and modern satellite imagery. Each map is more than 5,000 square kilometres.Arcade maps are based off of real locations, but we added mountains, more vertical drops, to make arcade fighting more dynamic.

GLG: There are difficulty levels, ranging from Arcade to simulation. What are the main differences between these modes, and what does the beginner player need to know before moving up in difficulty?

First of all, look at the tool tips in the game. Secondly, the best advice is to go through the tutorial at the corresponding level.

War Thunder Interview Winter 1024x576 War Thunder Interview

GLG: And lastly! Where can we find your game and download it?

You can find the game on the website and download it! And I’m sure you’ll share the link with all your friends after you tried our game!

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