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When I was young, and even before I even existed video games were hard. Almost all video games were unreasonably difficult, and this was for two reasons. Firstly, game cartridges had a finite amount of space, and the easiest way to add replay value was to make the game harder, therefore increasing the length of time it took to beat. Secondly, the game was made for the arcade, and the harder it was, the more quarters you would spend on it to beat it, and/or get the coveted “HIGH SCORE”. You Have to Win the Game by J. Kyle Pittman keeps this tradition of difficulty but adds a modern day twist.

You Have to Win the Game is a truly retro inspired platformer even down to the fact that the game is ‘played’ through an old school CRT computer monitor. The premise is simple: You’re a backwards hat wearing kid that doesn’t play by the rules and says stuff things like tubular and gnarly (obviously) exploring a vividly coloured cave (why not!), and in order to beat the game, you need to find all the sacks of cash (makes perfect sense to me). During your exploration, you’ll find some power ups on the way to help you access new areas, and thusly find new treasures. The story, by modern day standards is poor at best, but this is a retro game at heart, and the story is minimalistic and doesn’t get in the way of the deliciously moist cake that is the platforming.

You have to win the game preview what is the magic symbol 1024x576 You Have to Win the Game Preview

What *is* the magic symbol? This question may keep you awake at night.

I’ve never played a game with such a ‘gaming in the middle of August in my parent’s basement’  vibe before, and it really brings me back to those seminal moments in my childhood. You Have to Win the Game is perfect for those that want nostalgia, without being annoyed by a game that they remembered being WAY better than it actually was. This is a written preview for the game, but I could easily have wrote the full review because the full game is available for download from their website. And at a paltry 2.88mb, you could easily save it to a rar split on two floppies. You know, for nostalgia’s sake.

0 You Have to Win the Game Preview


  • Story that actually works
  • Lots of oldschool charm
  • Difficult, but not punishing

You Have to Win the Game is already completely free, but J. Kyle Pittman has bigger plans, like level editing, and using the steam cloud and other steam services could really help the community backbone for the game. Download the game for free, tell all your friends, and lend him a thumbs up on his steam greenlight page, and get this to a wider audience on steam!

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